Risk Taker ? Get a Job in A Start-Up Company

Young professionals who are fresh out of college want to express their creativity as much as possible in their chosen field. They don’t want monotony but a revolution of ideas that will probably change the face not only of the company but of the industry. But these ideas are often not welcomed in an established business and deviance from protocol might cost their job because the formula that have worked for years or even decades works great for everyone.

That is why you were terminated in your first job because you tried to challenge the system in a good way. After all you are a risk taker and believed that your ideas could benefit the company if you were given enough chances.

But an established company is not your cup of tea. You wanted to exert all your creativity to a full extent. A start-up company is perfect for you since everything is just beginning and the business model is still based on an idea. Everything else will be created by the people who are working on that idea.

When in a start-up, you will also be required not only to work on the position you signed up for but on other things as well. Oftentimes, a start-up company doesn’t have as much manpower as it used to have so everyone have to work a little bit extra hard just to get the daily operations work. This could end up in chaos since no one is supposed to work beyond their duty but controlling its people on extra work is the responsibility of the manager and even the CEO as start-ups are usually handled directly by the CEO.

Aside from being exercising your full creativity in a start-up company, you can get to watch first hand how the business grows. This means you will not only learn more about the job, but you will get extra pointers just in case you want to start a business on your own. There are businesses today that have found success on the failure of their previous venture because they have learned the ropes and know how to handle different types of situations.

If the company is actually growing, you will also grow with the company as you are promoted to different positions. Not only were you promoted because you are senior but because you have helped in building this company to where it is today. If someone is going to be promoted because of their help to the company, the people who stayed with the idea and worked hard on it should be the ones who should be promoted.

But the best part is the monetary compensation. People always think that a start-up business will most likely to fail because of mismanagement of the executives and the CEO.  It is true but as long as the company takes into consideration its future instead of inside bickering, success is always guaranteed. As someone who is a risk taker, you are willing to give it all just to ensure that the company reaches new heights everyday as all of you contribute in one way or the other to get the company bigger and better. 

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