Top 5 Reasons Why You Were not Hired

Reason # 1: Too Busy

There are applicants who come in for an interview thinking that their work will move around activities outside home and work. There is always something to do that work has to be squeezed in.  Employers often frown at this as you start off very demanding without even showing what you can do.

Avoid this by adjusting around your work schedule. Unfortunately, there are activities that you have to let go if you wanted to support the rest of your lifestyle. It is a sad fact but you have to be serious in your job if you want excel in a career.

Reason # 2: Too “Weird”

Employers try to be as liberal as possible to avoid being bias. But still, they have to set rules for their employees. Sporting one or two tattoos or piercing is ok but having too much will not be good for your company image.

If you have already covered 80% of your body with tattoos, it could be too late but do not be disheartened – there are companies who do not really care about body art as long as they can perform. But as much as possible, your tattoo should be regulated. It will say who you are but the message is not actually well received by employers.

Reason # 3: Stole from the Same Shop

Retail shops are often the victim of shop lifters. Fortunately, the same shop lifters will be reformed and will try to get their life back on track. But don’t think that they will be hired on the same shop where they stole things.

Your records will be permanently tainted if you were caught shop lifting or other petty crimes. If you commit one in the past, the chances of working for the same industry where you were caught are slim.

Reason # 4: Ad Misericordiam Argument

Answering you need a job because you want to support your family is a noble answer. But if you limit your answer to that argument, you are losing the job.

The company would like to help you in aiding your family but they still want something in return. In logic, this is called the “Ad Misericordiam” fallacy of argument. Instead of answering the question, you pleaded with mercy.

Answer the question head on. You could flower it with sentimental answers but you still have to answer. Prove to your interviewer that you are a professional and you are there to work. There is still financial rewards but service comes first to properly earn that reward.

Reason #5: You are Late

Do not expect the interviewer or possible employer to give you high remarks if you are late for the interview. You are wasting your time impressing the boss and telling stories why you are late.

If you think you will be late for an interview, give them a call one day before the appointment. It could be risky but at least you are not wasting your time and your possible employer’s time. Clear all your schedules for that single appointment if you wanted to be properly interviewed and hired for the job.

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