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Fresh graduates often look for jobs in their area to be close to home and be familiar with the business setting. But in this rough times, the city where you live in might have trouble with unemployment and the only jobs available and minimum wage jobs without the chances of career advancement.

You could go to other cities but it could be a lot harder since there is a limited number of jobs available. You could try applying but your are competing with probably hundreds of candidates that might have better experience as well as education.

Since jobs are scarce here, why not consider working abroad? Although they might have some struggles in their economy like we do here, there are countries that are able to cushion the blow and were able to survive the harsh economic conditions.  There are still few countries that are capable of outsmarting the recession problem and persist to improve.

Instead of toiling to land a job which is very difficult in this economy, consider working abroad. You will have an improved chances of getting hired there as long as you know where to look and what industry you should consider.

Asia and South America for Teaching

One of the best places to work abroad right now is in Asia. The booming economy in Asia may have experienced a little dent in their economy but they are able to survive and work could be still found there.

As a foreigner, the job that you will find there is usually related to teaching English. Countries in Asia are looking for native English speakers so that they will be taught not only the right English but also with an English accent. You should be able to ding a job in no time and could even stay there for years before you go back to the US.

But before you leave, be sure to take care of your things at home. Here are the things that you should take care of first: 

Required Licenses and Documentation – passports and proper working Visa should not be the only things that you should take care of. If you’re really planning to work as an English teacher abroad, pass the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) and other related exams that will certify and allow you to teach English. 

Student Loan – Never leave home without taking care of your student loan first. Your student loan interest should be put on hold for a moment since you are in a foreign land. Since you may not be able to pay for your loan, inform them to give you an exception or extension on your payment terms. Leaving home without taking care of your financial problems could be disastrous when you get back.

 Security and Health – Before you leave home, have the right immunization dictated by immigration. Also check with your employer of any security assistance they provide or just plain lodging.

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