Ending the Interview Properly

Job interviews should start good, flow better and end in the best possible way. If you are able to wrap up your interview in the best possible manner, your interviewer will easily remember you and get you picked up from the rest of the group.

Wrapping up an interview in a high note is a little bit difficult. Unless the interviewer tells you it’s over, you get to sit there and wait for any questions your interviewer would ask. You just got to be prepared for almost anything.

But there’s another technique to get the message across – ask the questions yourself. The interview will be more than happy to answer those questions and you can use those questions as the vehicle to drive your point effectively.

When the interview is on its conclusion, your interviewer may ask you if you still have any concerns. That’s where you ask certain questions to easily drive your point. Questions such as the most challenging part of the job should be your vehicle to explain how you can handle such a difficult situation. Of course you have to prepare your answer before you ask that or else it will work to your disadvantage instead of boosting your chances of being hired.

There are also certain questions that you should never ask at the end of the interview or in any part of the interview for that matter. Questions about salary and benefits should be left to the salary negotiation part.

Although you and your interviewer know that you’re in it for the money, you should at least show that you are dedicated enough to work and earn their respect before they offer you anything. Just wait since you’ll have plenty of time to haggle for your pay during the negotiation or else you’ll never reach that stage.

There are also questions that would send a message to the employer that you’re interested to stay in the company for a long time. If you are able to effectively portray that message, you can get a good mark in getting that job. Ask your interviewer regarding promotions as well as the future of the department you’ll most likely work for.

There are departments that could be a dead end for your career. Be honest that you are planning to be with the company for a long time and you want to improve your career ask the company and particularly the department advances.

When the interview is really wrapped up, never forget your formalities – be sure to stand up straight, moving closer a little bit for a handshake while making a direct eye-contact. These actions are actions of a professional and if you are at ease in doing these things, you should give that air of confidence without having to brag about it. 

To seal the deal send a thank you letter to the interview, this will be a great follow-up to what you have talked about. If you are vying for a position that many are applying for, the thank you letter will get you remembered easily because not everyone is writing a simple thank you letter. 

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