Harnessing the Reference Game

References are often disregarded by some applicants because of their perception that references not really that important and the HR department doesn’t really call the persons indicated. But that omission could actually cost them – the HR department still calls references since they want to know more about the candidate. 

Instead of omitting references and not get hired, better get some references and boost your chances of getting accepted.

More Information

Your resume could provide a lot of information about you. Your educational background, your skills and experience are all written in your resume. The interview is also very impressive as you charm your interviewer with the things you know about work and your apparent wisdom in the workplace.

But the HR doesn’t stop there. They call people in your reference page and ask them their opinion about your work behavior. There maybe information that you have omitted that will not be good for them. For example, you were actually terminated instead of resigning, you weren’t good at you work or you’re just too lazy to do anything will stop the HR department accepting you.

Remember to choose your references well. Do not assume of your friendship with your boss. Even though you are friends, your work ethics may not impress your boss that much. Talk to the person that you want to become a reference in your resume.

This will prepare them for the phone call and provide information in your favor. Talk to them about the job you are applying and the possible questions from the screeners. Hiring managers don’t want to talk to someone surprised about the call. This could be a sign that you are planning to resign if you are only accepted.

Reference as Signs

There are also hiring managers that scrutinize the way you write your references as this could be a sign you might have done something at work or you are not good at all. One of those obvious signs is that you didn’t place the job position of any of your references. This gives the hiring managers an impression that you are just listing your friends who are prepared to lie for you.

Another sign is providing fake phone numbers. You can be sure that you will not be hired if you can’t provide them with anyone who can talk about your behavior at work or work ethics. Another obvious reference trick: no supervisors. The hiring managers and the HR department will be looking for your immediate supervisor since the supervisor knows you personally.

Most of the hiring managers will have an impression that you didn’t do anything right at work at all because you weren’t able to impress your immediate supervisor. Even if you don’t place the name of your supervisor, they could still look for them online.

Prepare your reference page in your resume carefully. This part of the resume is often neglected but this could make or break or chances of getting hired. Talk to your references regarding the upcoming phone call so that you’ll have a favorable feedback. As you have done well in your previous job, you could be another asset of the company you are planning to work with.

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