Informational Interview

Landing another job requires research which means a lot of information should be obtained before considering the company. The company website, different printed materials and news regarding the company may give the data needed regarding the company.

But have you ever thought of actually marching in to the office of the company you are planning to work with and ask them about it? That type of information gathering is called informational interview. That type of interview might not get you the job but will give you up close and personal information regarding the company you are planning to work with. Remember that you are not looking to land a job there but rather gather some information regarding the company.

A Business Visit

Compared to a job interview, you are not there to bother anyone until they give you the job that you are looking for. What you have to do is to schedule with the company so that you can talk to anyone regarding the company. You can inform them that you are considering their company for a position but you have to stress that you are not there to persuade them that you are the right person for the job. It’s a totally different thing – you will be the person who will be conducting the interview and not them.

Come Prepared

You don’t just visit a company because you are looking to ask them some questions that pops in your mind. It’s very unprofessional if you conduct an interview prepared. Sure you might have different questions to the owner or manager but those questions might be shallow. You are just wasting the manager’s time as well as your time since no concrete information was asked.

Bring some notes on what to ask and those questions better be related to your skills, the company’s goal and objectives and their daily operations. You don’t just go there and ask when was it established or how many employees they have. You will know these through different print media or those questions might not even help your career.


The greatest advantage you can get from informational interview is building a good relationship with the company. Showing your interest with the company profile is ok and would even generate interest with the company. You will not be talking about yourself but the company will be trying to explain their operations to you.

The flow of information will only come from the company you are planning to work with. But this is also a great opportunity to inject some of your personal information. You can relate their daily operations to your personal experience and your thoughts and views with the company status might be useful for the company.

If you have the time, conduct an informational interview to more than one company. You can gather as many information as you can and use them to customize your cover letter, resume and prepare your answer to impress your future employer and increase your chances of getting hired.

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