Handling Company Presentations Easily

At one point of your career, you’ll always be required to provide a visual presentation on your subject of expertise. If you have a stage fright, you’ll be in one of the most awkward positions in your life. But that doesn’t mean you’ll back out from the company presentation.

Through this simple presentation, you’ll be able to show the upper management that you have great presentation skills, your line of thought is near perfect for the company and you’ll be able to handle pressure when you are now the center of attention. If you are able to ace a simple presentation, you should greatly improve your status in the company.

The Time

Since you are the host of the company presentation, time for you is very important. Don’t arrive in a dramatic fashion wherein you storm the room and start the presentation right away. Arrive in the room at least 15 minutes before the presentation so that you can still have small talk with the people who arrived there. That will also give you time to get acquainted with the place so that you can control your voice and know what you have to say. Arriving early will even give you the idea of the general room set-up to prevent yourself from accidentally bumping to one of the chairs or other things.

The Technology

Technology could be your best friend or worst enemy during the presentation. You don’t need to use the most advanced visual tools the company has. An overhead projector might be more than what you need. Using the latest your company has to offer might look great at the start but if the content is not at par with what you are using, you are just wasting everyone’s time. Be simple and use only what is necessary or else all you have proven is you don’t know anything about the gadgets that you use.

The Preparation

There are three things that your body should do before, during and after the presentation – stay calm, keep the blood flowing and stand straight. Your body is at its best when its calm and your mind could optimize its function if there is a good blood flow. To be calm, sit in a quiet area for at least five minutes, close your eyes in 10 seconds and breathe deeply. During the presentation stand straight so that the blood flow will continue especially when you are walking around while talking.

The Participants

Your participants have a great role in the success of your company presentation. Since you will see them arriving one by one, you can assign them to seat in an area wherein you can see them and effectively communicate.

During presentation, maintain eye contact to your participants to drive your point faster. As much as possible make copies of your visual presentation so that they will have a copy during presentation and a good reference in the future.

Controlling your environment and careful presentation is the key in a successful presentation. Never compromise on the second best presentation you could give especially when your career is on the line.

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