Tips in Reapplying for the Job Position

It is a rare feat for anyone who can be hired to any company they are applying for. There is always a possibility for rejection because a company will always be looking for the best possible applicant. Even if you have all the qualifications, there will be a time that someone is better than you.

But that does not mean you are completely rejected for that position. Most companies accept reapplication from their previous candidates. They acknowledge the fact that rejected candidates will always work hard to upgrade their qualification and improve their skills until they can be hired by the company they want to work with.

Knowing the Company Again

Before you submit your resume for another review, recall your latest transaction with the company you want to work with. Maybe the last time you heard from them is that they will call you if they find a suitable position for you. If you have not heard anything from them for a very long time, call them first. Rejection letter or phone call should have been given to you. Who knows? They might have missed your resume and review your application again.

When you have received a rejection letter or phone call, call them anyway. Ask them about the reapplication policies of their company. Usually, a company would never accept reapplication for at least six months. To be safe, give yourself a year of “separation” from the company you want to work with. Use that time to gain more experience and learn more things.

Be Persistent

If you really want the job, you are going to do everything to get accepted. More often than not, you will have to work really hard to get the job that you really want. That means you have to be really persistent until you land into that position. If you get rejected, you have to work your way up. But before you receive the rejection letter, get acquainted with the people you meet. It’s one way of networking that might help you later. Right now you might not have the right qualification but at least you are now acquainted with the people who might be interviewing you the next time.

Do not be Pesky

There is a very little thin line between persistence and annoyance. You have to make sure that you being persistent on the job that you really like but not being annoying. You can’t just get in touch with them every time something new has happened in you career which you think would greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

Just make sure that you are still acquainted with the hiring manager or anyone who is in charge of hiring the right person. If the company has a six month waiting period for those who were rejected, give it an extra month or two before applying again.

Getting rejected for the job you really like is not the end. Companies still accept reapplications. You just have to be persistent and improve your work experience and skills to get hired the next time you apply for the job.

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