Job Hiring Process

Not every job interview you visit will result to a job offer. There is always a possibility that someone better for the position will forward their resume and cover letter. This situation is even more possible due to economic condition as more and more people are on the streets looking for a job.

But that doesn’t mean that you just wasted a few hours, even days of your life because you were rejected. There are certain things that you can learn in the process. Sure, you will increase your knowledge what to say to ace the interview and create a cover letter through many hiring processes. But this process should also give you an idea on how to choose a good company.

The "One More Interview" Technique

It’s always expected that you might have to go through one or two interviews just to get hired. This is a prerequisite in most companies since they want to weed out candidates and choose the best. By conducting a series of interviews, they will be able to know more about their candidates and select the ones that will help them succeed.

But even though you have to go through interviews, it’s never a good sign when you are asked to go through more than two interviews. Three interviews are still tolerable if you think you are tying to land a higher position in a bigger company. But for an entry level position, more than two interviews mean one thing: the line of authority in the company is very shady that you’ll have trouble adjusting when you’re hired. The conflict of authorities will place you in the middle with both sides looking at what you can’t do.

Staying True to What They Say

A large or small company should always take care of their potential employees or else they will end up with a group of disgruntled workers. Companies seeking candidates should always do what they say or promise to their candidates.

For example, the company will give you an update regarding your application in two to four weeks. The time frame is not good but at least they are honest enough that they will take a while. A company that does not stay true on what they say only means they are having trouble maintaining their communication or workflow. This will also reflect on your future situation with the company.

Marketing Interview

This doesn’t mean that you will be interviewed for the marketing position. This means they will describe their company as the "best company in the world". Selling the company is not a good way to entice candidates since there is always something wrong with the company. It may just be small inconvenience but candidates appreciate the candid thoughts of the interviewer.

When the interviewer describes the company like it’s an item being sold, this means there are troubles brewing in the company. Better think twice and do diligent research on their current status. The job hiring process should never be limited on what they can get from you. Learn from telltale signs on their current situation and have smarter choices for your career.

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