Working in Leader-less Environment

Leader-less Environment is very common in start-up or small business companies: instead of a boss that handles a specific group, each member becomes the member and leader of a specific group.

Due to the lack of manpower, there is only one leader: the business owner who is also in-charge of a specific task. Everyone has got something to do and failure to do so would mean failure of the entire business operation.

Working without a boss may look like a novel idea for some but it’s one of the most nerve-wracking situations anyone will experience in their career.

For fresh graduates, a responsibility that will make or break a small company can be too much. Knowing that the downfall of the company was your cause is not a good start for anyone who wants to start strong in their preferred career.

Know the Playing Field

When you feel challenged to take on this type of responsibility, you should be. You should be prepared for something big in your career and learn how to take them as it is. Although you will certainly see your decisions today as a small speck of experience when you grow old, you have to focus on what you can do now.

But you don’t just go become a maverick for the company. Without thinking, you’ll end up doing everything without any accomplishments which is more frustrating. Always consider the "playing field" before working. This means you have to know what you can and cannot do in your current work conditions.

Expect a lot of "can’t" especially on small companies because of limited resources. You have to be a bit creative to do things your way without getting the company in trouble. No one is out rightly telling you that there are certain rules but you know your actions can be easily detected.

Work With Your Co-Workers

If you don’t know where to start, get a clue from your co-workers. Someone in the company should at least have an idea on what they have to do. In a small company, that someone would be the owner who will get the ball rolling. The rest would jus have to adjust on what they have to do to ensure company success.

Never expect that you’ll be pampered on what you have to do in a start-up company. As already indicated, everyone is busy on what they have to do so they don’t have time to tutor you on your responsibilities.

While there are those who prefer the challenge of start-ups, some prefer to have a normal business environment. Pushing yourself to small businesses even though you can’t handle such responsibilities is not only a bad decision for yourself but also for the company. Avoid this type of "resume glitch" by focusing on what you want in a business setting. Some can easily work without their boss breathing on their necks while others still needs a little tug from their supervisors to keep going.

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