Searching for Best Jobs

The jobs you’ll see posted online, in newspapers and in other media outlets can be considered as "common jobs." These are usually jobs expected to be needed by companies who advertise them. These jobs offer average compensation and benefits.

These jobs may provide you with financial stability but only if you’re single. That means a family man will never be able to provide enough financial support with one job. That’s why you see a lot of people working in two jobs just to make ends meet.

Companies are not only looking for people to fill the "common jobs." There are also vacancies in the company that offer better compensation and benefits. Unfortunately, these positions are rarely advertised in various media outlets. Since they are never advertised, rarely would you realize that they have vacancies for a better position.

There are two reasons why companies do not usually post the better vacancies for the position. The first reason is that the position has been filled even before the job has been advertised. Individuals who know people inside the company will receive a tip about the vacancy and will be able to apply for the job even before they are advertised.

The second reason why good jobs are not posted is that companies just don’t want to hire anyone for the position. The good positions in the company are usually the sensitive positions wherein their decisions could have a significant impact in the company’s future.

Instead of advertising on the vacancy, companies opted to approach qualified individuals for the position. They want to hire people they already know that could handle the position well. Although they can find a qualified individual through regular job hiring process, choosing an individual that can be trusted and have the right skills will only take time and resources. By actively seeking out possible candidates, they can hire someone they can trust.

Networking and Proof of Expertise

The reasons why good jobs are hidden has signified two key skills a job seeker should have: networking and proof of expertise. Through networking, a person should be able to know more about the vacancy even before they are advertised in various media outlets. Because networking takes time to develop, you need to start connecting to the right individuals as early as possible.  Your college acquaintances can help you get introductions to key individuals that can help you land a job that were not advertised.

Proof of expertise is also like networking: the task is not that difficult but will require time. You need to slowly establish your expertise in order to be noticed. Fortunately, the rise of the internet has paved the way to easily prove your expertise. You can establish websites to prove your expertise. A blog about the industry can increase your popularity online and will eventually help you get the notice you want and be offered by the hidden job.

Getting the best job is very challenging. But through networking and constantly working on to prove your expertise can help you land on great jobs – even those that are not listed.

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