Why Should I Hire You

“Why should I hire you?” This is the question that is often asked by interviewers and most especially business owners who personally talk to the candidates for the open position. If you ace this answer, you will significantly increase your chances of getting hired. Anything below that will automatically get rid of any chances of getting hired. That means never joke about this question or answer them very lightly during the interview. You are practically presenting yourself against other candidates who may or may not have answered this question in a very convincing manner.

This question is often asked by the interviewer when they already have someone in mind or just interviewed a person who is very capable to the job position available. With your answer, you will be compared to the person that has impressed them in previous interviews. Basically they are giving you a chance to impress them one more time so that you will be hired and not the other candidate.

Before you answer that question, consider this: most companies and businesses today are looking for candidates who know not just their job but also the work of others. You need to have more than one skill just to be hired today. Aside from skills, your dedication to work should also require you to sacrifice your time just to meet deadlines and other parameters that should increase or improve the business. Also consider the candidates that were interviewed or will be interviewed. They might have the same skills as you have and could even have better qualifications than you have.

Answer this question by showing that the company will be in a better position when you are hired. Of course, you cannot promise that you will bring the company millions but you will be contributing more than enough to help in improving the company and even your co-workers.

Do not start naming your skills because they already know that and you already told them about those skills in the early part of the interview. What you will tell them then is characteristics that will benefit the company in so many ways. Recount to them your previous experiences wherein you were able to work not only the things written in your job description but other things as well. As we have said, companies today are looking for people who will work above and beyond their work description.

Expect that this question will be asked a lot nowadays. More and more people are taking time to study to increase their competitiveness in different jobs they are applying for. Because the skills and education are practically the same in most candidates, it is the question of character that will differentiate the good ones from the better ones. So do not think that this question will only pop-out once in a while. Practice in answering this question so that when the time comes, you will be fluent and you could answer this question flawlessly. It is a very simple question but requires a very convincing answer to impress the interviewer.

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