Graphic Designer Career

The Advertising world is largely dependent on how the advertisement is presented for the success of the business. This is a very bottom line kind of industry where what is shown decides how good the advertising company is. Many advertising companies have created ads with slogans which last a lifetime. An extremely good ad can fetch the company a lot of money and future business.


For a company to be successful, it should have good ad designers and a good team which presents the ads well. The Internet is playing a large role in every industry and online advertising has become an extremely successful medium of advertising. Big companies and names are now open and willing to create their company advertisements online as well.


For making online advertisements the most essential tools that are used are multimedia and design tools. Creative and interactive ads are made using the multimedia tools. Animation has caught up in movies and even advertisements. The idea of creating a character and making it interact with people has become a big hit and is the latest trend in the advertising industry.

Graphic design is also useful in online advertising, print media and television and so is animation. An expert would be able to design unforgettable ads. The entire layout and the campaign and the presentation of slogans have to be planned by the ad designer.

Graphic Designer Education


Technical education is more important than what one studied for their graduation. A basic graduate degree in any respect with course knowledge of graphic designing tools like Adobe Photoshop and other tools is very important. There are several courses offered by online and chain computer institutes in Multimedia. The course duration starts from six weeks to one year depending on the intensity of the module. Professional courses are also available in Arts institutes.

This knowledge is applicable to many kinds of advertising like designing brochures, handouts, company’s internal design needs, creating animated ads for clients, creating graphic and colorful ads for the print and creating online ads fro web hosting. So this course is helpful in creating more than one kind of advertisement. Graduation does not matter in this field, however, as it helps to grow in the organization. Even a 10+2 graduate can sign up for a job as a graphic designer.

Many companies also employ people for part time work in this job role. The ideal candidates for part time would be students and undergraduates or youngsters looking for summer jobs. Big advertising companies will offer a permanent position because their designing needs are much more and constant in nature.

Graphic Designer Qualifications


  • Graduate
  • Photoshop, GUI tools knowledge, Animation tools, and Graphic design tools knowledge.


Graphic Designer Skills


The skills required for this job primarily is creativity. Without creativity, the subject knowledge of design is a waste as the person wouldn’t know what to do with the knowledge. Only if the person is able to create many ideas for presenting the content can they work in this job role. In some cases, the content for the advertisement will be created and idealized by someone else.

However, the main responsibility of giving life and turning the content or the idea into reality is the responsibility of the ad designer. He or she should be able to conceive the idea in print or animation exactly how the original idea was created.

Graphic Designer Salary


A graphic designer is some what like a story teller and how well they depict is what the whole game is about. It is a very interesting job, especially for people who are starting out their careers in the animation field. This job role could be used as a platform for great exposure. Salary ranges in this field can range from $31,000 per year to $45,000.

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