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The advertising industry depends a lot on the visual appeal and cashes in through using it. Any product, when visualized, becomes more convincing when compared to hearing about it or knowing about it. On the internet, to make a product or a concept appealing and convincing, it has to be glamorized through using the visual appeal.

A graphic visualizer gives the products a face and a body that conveys the idea and message, or the purpose of the product. It is an extremely creative job and involves a lot of thinking.Not only should the product be creative, but it also needs to suit the client’s needs and the industry needs. 

The person who has chosen this career should also be internet savvy, which is a job requirement. People who do not vest their interest in the internet and the modern technologies are not suited for this role. It is an independent role and the person working in this job would be under the umbrella of the creative department in the advertising industry. 

The advertising industry provides a sound and good platform for exposure when it comes to such jobs. One should cash in on opportunities available in the industry if they are seriously seeking out a career in the multimedia and game design industry.

GUI Visualizer Education

There is no specific education required while applying for this job. A graduate from any respect would do when applying for large organizations. The job nature is more technical so the person applying for this job should know computer programs like Flash and Photoshop. They should be able to create images using these software programs.

Big organizations in the advertising industry ask for at least 5 years experience in the creative field before they offer this job. They may have a team of two or three visualizers at the most. A professional degree in commercial art will be an added advantage. An artist can become computer savvy, but a computer geek cannot become an artist. Art is an inborn quality as the artists believe, and a combination of both artist and a computer professional would fetch a lot of career opportunities in the advertising field.

GUI Visualizer Educational Qualifications


  • Graduate
  • Computer knowledge of Flash, Photoshop
  • Art degree (plus)


GUI Visualizer Skills

The essential skills to performing this job are the person should have creative skills, Analytical and logical ability, computer and internet knowledge, writing skills and research ability. They should have these qualities to perform well in this job.

Companies with huge business volumes require a lot of experience and expertise in the respective job. Internet technology is very dynamic, and changes very fast. The graphic visualizer should keep themselves abreast with all the industry knowledge and the fast changing technology. If there is a new software version and a better technology for designing, they should be able to adapt to it fast and use it for their job.

The person should also be able to work with a team of software professionals and other design specialists. There are several kinds of visualizing techniques available in the technology scenario, and he or she should be well versed with all these techniques. A client’s need may be anything, and from any aspect, and a graphic visualizer should be able to suit all these varied needs.


Sometimes the design needs are industry specific and some times the needs are driven by global factors. Also, with the current global trend of outsourcing, even the creative jobs are outsourced. A person choosing this career should have knowledge from a global perspective. Written skills should be good though it is not used much in this job. Salary ranges in this field can start at $31,000 per year.

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