Tips to Handle Multiple Part-Time Jobs

Fresh graduates and terminated professionals who wanted to be back on employment are often at a loss. Because of the challenges in the economy, there is only limited opportunity in the market today. Some may be able to find a job but it could be a dead-end profession without any possibilities of career improvement.

To deal with this challenge, many have opted to work for two or three jobs at the same time. This is a must since the salary in small or part-time jobs are not enough to support various financial responsibilities.

But two or three jobs at the same time can easily drain your physical strength if you are not smart on handling these jobs. You might be able to earn considerably because of multiple jobs but your body might succumb to sickness. Your money will only go to medication.

Balancing Work

If you want to survive in various part time jobs, look for jobs that will complement each other. For example, a part time office work could be part with manual labor in the supermarket. This will help you rest a little bit in one job although you would still use your professional skills to survive.

Two jobs that will require manual labor will easily drain the strength of your body. You might not be able to handle the responsibilities the next day because of the stress you experienced on two jobs. With one job that requires light labor, you should be able to handle the manual job easily.

Allowance of Rest Between Jobs

Do not jump from one job to another without any rest in between. Give yourself at least one to two hours of rest before proceeding to the next post. This is a must so that you can prepare for the next job, eat a little bit or simply to rest your eyes so that you can be ready for work.

Take note that the allowance of rest between jobs should never go beyond two hours. If you extend to at least four hours, your sleep will be interrupted. Instead of sleeping for six hours straight which should be enough to get you well rested, you will end up sleeping for four hours. This will only lead to more stress as you wake up unexpectedly for work.

Find a Day Off

Never agree on job that will not allow you to go on a rest for at least a day. Make sure that your day off in your two jobs will fall in the same day. This will help you to better rest and do the things that you love in your day off. Two different day-offs is not actually a day off since you still have to work in one of your jobs.

The Right Nutrition

Never forget to eat healthy and rest as much as possible. These are the best methods to prevent diseases or physical ailments. Two jobs can’t be easily handled without any sleep and bad food. Put to good use what you earned by purchasing food that will boost your energy and equipments or gadgets that will help you rest well.

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