Part-Time Job Advantages

Working part-time is one of the viable and easiest choices for a college graduate. Since they are not able to compete with experienced and better educated candidates, they can start with something smaller without having to “tarnish” their resume.

“Tarnishing” your resume means to work on a job that may not boost your chances of getting a better job or worked like an underachiever. But by working part-time, college graduates could still enjoy working for a company that has a name and their reference could be used to land a better job.

If you are planning to work as a part-time employee, be sure to be a little bit picky when it comes to the company you want to work with. As much as possible; work for a company that you could really use in your resume in the future.

It does not really matter if you have worked only as a part-time employee, what is important is that you were able to work for a company that could be recognized. This will really help you in getting through the screener since they will not take a close look at your resume. The name could boost your chances of getting an interview.

Learning While Working

Working part-time will give you more time for other things. You could go home after work and enjoy more time in TV, have fun in other extra-curricular activities or you could go back to school for graduate studies.

The first option is ok if you do not have a dream, but it is highly recommended to get yourself involved in other activities or getting a masters degree. You should count yourself lucky since you have more time to do other thing while having a good source of funds.

Exploring other Opportunities

There are college graduates who opted to have a part-time job since they have to take care of a business. If you have landed on a part-time job, maybe you should also consider starting a small business in your area. There are many businesses that you could start in no time at all with little to no start-up cost. This will increase your source of income and might even improve overtime.

There are also online jobs that you can do in your free time which could also become profitable. Just make sure you are not scammed when doing online work so that your efforts and resources will not go to waste.

Aiming to go Full-time

If you were hired as a part-time employee in a good company, do not let this chance slip in front of you. Be sure to work really hard and show that you can contribute more to the company if you are hired as a full-time employee.

Being hired as a part-time employee simply means that your expertise could be valuable to the company. If you have actually shown your ability to the company, they will most likely reconsider your services when your contract with the company ends and you might end up as a full time employee.

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