Introducing SEO in Job Search

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by web developers, bloggers or anyone who want their website to show up in top results in various search engines. This is very important for an online business since it helps in increasing sales when your website is immediately seen on the search results. Companies tweak their websites, use keywords and other aggressive techniques just to improve their results in various search engines.

This technique can also be applied to improve job search and ease in finding a good job. Even with the dire economy, there are still companies who are actively looking for individuals. This means you don’t just give up searching for the job – you just have to be a little bit more aggressive in order to be visible to various companies. SEO can help you improve that visibility online. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert on web development to use SEO to your advantage as a job seeker.

Distinctive Words

One of the basic tricks in SEO is to find words or phrases unique to your website. This can be done in your profile, blogs or in your Twitter accounts. Don’t just use “hardworking employee” on your blogs hoping that you’ll be on search results with this phrase, create a unique keyword that will set you apart from other sites. Instead of “hardworking employee” consider using “dedicated and hardworking worker in the industry” it’s a long phrase but it will easily set you apart from other job seekers.

Don’t be limited to one phrase. Use as many unique phrases as you can as long as your posts and blogs are well written and could be easily understood. Your presence online may be strong but that will not suffice if you are not able to write convincingly.

Online Reputation

Aside from attracting possible employers to your online presence, your goal should also be to improve your online reputation. Your blogs, posts in Twitter and websites created should help you improve your reputation. But these posts are not only to establish that you didn’t have any trouble when you were allowed to blog and post photos, these posts are meant to establish who you are as a professional. Think of these posts as a proving ground on what you can do and what you know about the industry.

For that reason, you need to carefully plan what you have to write, speak or record on video. Everything will be scrutinized and they can be easily retrieved, downloaded and played back without you knowing it. Anything that could mean you don’t have the skill or offensive could be used against you.

Using SEO is just the first part of gaining attention online. You need to make sure that the people who will find you can find a professional who can prove his skills with little to no effort. Plan your blog and Twitter posts well in order to establish yourself as a professional worthy to be hired even during the dire economic situations.

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