Job Search Action Plan

A successful job search is not only getting out and reaching to as many companies as possible. While this notion will help you increase your chances of being noticed, getting companies to notice you do not mean automatic employment.

This technique in searching for a job is too tiring and would require a lot of resources. When you are tired in your job search, you cannot concentrate on the next step which is the interview process and other requirements. When you’re too tired, you cannot be hired for the job since you are not on proper disposition to answer those questions.

Instead of almost “spamming” the companies you want to work for, it is better to sit down and create an action plan first before you head out to look for a job. This will give you the timeframe on when to search for a job. This will also help you focus on the jobs you really wanted and even prepare for interviews and exams.

If you are looking for an action plan for job search, here is a good example:

• Knowing What You Want (1 Week) – Before you start searching for a job, know what you really want. You should know which companies you want to work for or at least the positions you want form a company. By knowing what you want, you can easily specify which companies you want to work for.

• Listing the Companies and Position (1 Day) – After listing the companies and the job you want, research on the companies that actually hires and the position available today. This is very easy since you can easily search for the information online. Your list might even be triggered by the fact that you know that they are already hiring.

• Distributing your Resume and Online Submission (1-2 Days) – During these days, visit the companies you have listed or update your resume online before sending the company an email with your resume. Take your time to distribute your email and resume by editing your resume like crazy. It’s never stressful enough but you should read and read them to make sure you provide a good looking and well edited resume.

• Waiting for a Response (2 – 3 Weeks) – After submitting resume, it is time to wait for their response if you did not get invited as soon as you submit your resume. While waiting for their response, evaluate your resume while doing a little research about the company. This will help you prepare for the interview if you are invited.

If you don not receive any response after two to three weeks, it is time to call the companies where you submitted your resume. This is where you will know if you have been considered for the job or they are still looking. But it is highly recommended to start your search again after two to three weeks since time is of the essence especially if you are searching for job as soon as possible for financial reason. Through this action plan, you will be able to search for the job that you want without stress and ample preparation for an interview.

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