Resume Writing Basics

Searching for a job for the first time is definitely a rush for fresh graduates. The world is practically a playground where a fresh graduate could play without limitation. No matter what career they choose, the will most certainly have fun as they are young and ready to experience anything.

But that experience is only possible if they can get hired. A fresh graduate can only expect to have a fruitful job search if he or she starts well. A fresh graduate have to know how to create a resume for the first time. It’s a little bit unfair to ask too much from a fresh graduate but a badly written resume cannot be justified because the applicant is a fresh graduate.

Getting Started trough Cover Letter

While introducing yourself through a resume is a good idea, it’s always better to get the employer “hyped” about you. And that is through a cover letter. Basically, the job of the cover letter is to introduce the resume. You should be able to explain who you are what you can do. The rest will just be further explained by your resume.

A lot of fresh graduates and even those who needs to find a job again are ignoring the relationship of a cover letter and resume. Getting yourself introduced through the cover letter with more information on a resume should be the formula. Without explanation from your cover letter, the employer will not have a full grasp of your resume.

Knowing the Basics

Employers read cover letters and resumes with an expectation. They expect to see a format based on traditional creation of resume which should be composed of basic information, experience (if any) and references. The basic information is very important since it will provide data about your education.

Experience is not necessarily on paid work but volunteer and internship work should be included as well. References are actually optional but it should help especially if you are networking or referred to by people familiar to the company.

“What Can I do For You?”

The combination of the three features in resume should answer to only one question: “what can I do for you?” Your resume should show how you can help the company improve. Your education should speak that you have learned and mastered the basic skills needed by the company to improve.

Your experience should help you back up that claim and your references should be the people that will testify that you know the said skills. Companies are not necessarily looking for people just because they wanted a company with highly skilled individuals; they want a company where each employee completes a piece of puzzle.

Creating a resume from scratch is not difficult. There are only two things you need to remember: first is to introduce your resume through a cover letter and second is to create a resume that answers to a question “what can I do for you?” These will help you create a well presented resume in the eyes of the employer which increases your chances of employment.

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