Types of Resumes and When to Use Them

Resumes are written to give our future employers an insight of who we are and why we should hire them. But resumes are more than just a collection of FYIs about you, it should be written in a way that highlights important things about yourself. Take note that you are not altering any information just to get hired, but you have to write your resume that should be appealing and informative for the company you are planning to work with.

Chronological Resume

This type of resume is the most popular type of resume as well the preferred format for most companies. In this type of resume, the candidate writes the basic information and they writes down his or her experience in a reverse chronological order. That means the applicant have to write his or her experience starting with the latest job. Most companies prefer this type of resume since it clearly outlines the experience and skills of the applicant.

This type is applicable for those who wanted to stay in the same industry. By listing a number of experiences that are related to the industry you are applying for, you’ll be able to give a good impression to the company you are applying for.

However this type of resume is not ideal for those who have a gap in their job experience. If you were unemployed for a few years before applying for this job, you may want to consider another type of resume suited for you.

Functional Resume

When you have a large gap in your resume, this type of resume is your best bet to give your interviewers and possible employers a good idea about you. In this type of resume, your skills will get more focus. You will be writing a general description of your job and then write all the skills you acquired. However, you don’t have to write specific information about the company you have worked with.

Obviously this type of resume will not go places since it doesn’t provide specific information regarding your previous work since you are more focused on what you can do instead of the companies you have worked for.

Hybrid Resume

Since the functional version is very unappealing to companies, applicants have learned to combine the functional with the chronological resume. The hybrid resume lists all the skills you acquired from your previous jobs. Eventually, the reverse chronological order of your job experience is listed in the end.

This type of resume is best suited for those who wanted to transfer to another industry. By writing your resume based on skills before experience, you can easily point out to the industry you are planning to work with that you have to skills required to function well and eventually valuable to the company. This type of resume though should never be your general resume that could be replicated and passed to different companies. Each company is looking for different skills so you should customize each resume every time you apply to a different company.

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