Winning a Job Interview with a Winning Resume

Does your resume unlock your potential, take your skills to the highest level and win you the interview and the job you want now? The job market today is highly competitive and even if you think you have what it takes to get an interview you won’t get over the line without a polished, professional marketing document.

Listing responsibilities are no longer going to make an impact on the recruiter. The results of your work challenges are the driving force behind what makes a winning resume. Remember that you are selling your best qualities and achievements and these should be highlighted on the first page.

Here is an example of selecting the right power words to communicate success:

Globally focused and goal oriented graduate with strong awareness of complex business and financial management systems. Combine analytical and research expertise, with strong academic results. Keen to develop a career in International Accounting & Finance.

The successful ingredients are created with powerful words, potential and talent, layout and essentially a unique blend of your knowledge, experience and value.

Remember that you have only a short amount of time to impress the company. Recruitment staff and employers will scan your resume for 15 seconds before they decide whether to invite you in for an interview.

Use the best strategies to get those phone calls

Your resume / CV is your marketing document. It’s the ultimate tool to highlight your value, boast your strengths, successes, skills and knowledge. It must be visually attractive and communicate your achievements and talents. 

Powerful key words or action verbs to describe credentials, qualifications, strengths and potential. For example: direct, spearhead, orchestrate, initiate, instruct, manage, formulate, challenge.
Education and training, achievements, job experience, interests and volunteer work.
Clear layout and easy to read and scan.


Recruitment staff will be impressed with your strengths, talents, skills, knowledge and potential! You will be invited in for an interview!

My Resume Checklist

• Highlights strengths, knowledge and skills.
• Lists achievements.
• Information in the correct order.
• Lists accomplishments.
• Presented all necessary information.
• Sufficient power words that persuade and impress.
• Targets the position and job description.
• All qualifications documented including on the job training certificates.
• Lists Memberships and extra curricular.
• All redundant information removed.
• Used all appropriate subheadings.
• Lists 2 referees.

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To Your Continued Growth and Success! Debbie

Debbie founded Resumes Online and comes with over twenty years experience of successful employer and employee resume writing for companies, organisations and individuals. Debbie is a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP), Certified Executive Coach, Professional Resume Writer, Certified NLP Practitioner & Qualified Trainer. Debbie’s experience and professionalism has enabled her to continue to provide a valuable and valued service for clients seeking new employment opportunities. Visit Resumes Online Website at: or email Debbie

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