Delegation Pitfalls

The workplace is not just place where everyone comes in on the appointed time, work on some assignment, and go home. The workplace is an area where everyone works together and tries to succeed as one. Because of the required teamwork, leadership is essential. This responsibility rests on the leader – the manager. If there is no leadership, the chances of success in the office diminish and everyone will lose their job.

Managers, supervisors or even group leaders have to know proper delegation by heart. Their efficiency as a leader is shown through their ability to delegate some tasks. When everything is in place, the manager is assured of success even though he did not personally oversee such assignments. This is actually the secret of successful billion-dollar companies. Everyone has a task to fulfill and ensures they are done on the agreed date just like everybody else.

But delegation is not just telling the person what they need to do. A leader is not just someone who tells everyone what they have to do for the day. There are actually some pitfalls that a manager should watch out for as this could spell disaster in the workplace.

Unexpected Result on the Workplace

The biggest blunder a manager could face during delegation is when the expected results are not met. This means someone might have done something wrong. The situation wherein unexpected happens are very disheartening for the team. This situation will require them to do the same task again and not everyone will be happy to do the same task.

To prevent this blunder, the manager has to make sure that every instruction is clear and understood. He has to create a specific goal for each task and ensure that the person assigned to the task understands the goal. This will prevent unexpected results as each goal is a movement towards the bigger objective.

Half-Hearted Delegation

There are managers who are very dedicated to the specific project that they became a bit paranoid on the expected output of the job. When this happens, the manager might become too intrusive to the tasks of the employees or would even do some of the task. This creates animosity in the office because it implies that the manager do not trust the employee.

Preventing this blunder is a bit challenging but not impossible. Managers have to remember that they are there to delegate and manage which means they basically have to monitor and supervise.

Wrong Person for the Task

Another reason why a particular task might not be completed is that the wrong person was assigned to deal with the task. This situation arises completely due the manager’s fault. Delegation is not just getting someone to work on the project but on getting the right person to work on the project. Before you provide the “go” signal for a task, you have to make sure that the qualifications, background and experience of the employee is suitable for the assigned task.

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