Job Rejection

Getting hired during tough economy is not an easy feat. The competition is too strong since there are more experienced individuals who opted to look for the same job. Aside from those with experience, there are also candidates who have stayed in school after finishing their bachelor’s degree. With their Master’s or Ph.D., they assure the company that they know more about the industry compared to those who just finished their bachelor’s degree. The chance of getting hired on a good job after college is thus becomes very thin.

Getting rejected for the job for qualified candidates is not often due to the fact that they are incompetent. This form of rejection simply means there is someone better in handling the job. Many companies opt to hire experienced and those with higher education because they need these people to tackle critical situations. They hire those that are experienced because they know many of those experienced have survived the previous challenges of recession.

For that reason your excellent cover letter, smartly written resume as well as impressive interview will mean nothing. They already have someone to hire because of this special economic situation.

But there is a consolation: many of the hiring managers who are impressed with the candidates but cannot hire them often tell them to keep in touch. These candidates can get in touch with the hiring manager from time to time in order to check if there is any available position. There are candidates who actually scoff at this idea because they treat it as consolation without any effect. They were told to get in touch but they opted to look for other opportunities in other companies or in another industry.

Hiring managers do not just tell candidates that they should keep in touch. If you constantly hear this statement, there is a great chance that you are actually qualified for some positions but they do not have any vacancy. You might be considered for the position if you inquire at the right time – when there is actually a vacant position.

The recommended method in order to constantly keep up with the latest news with the hiring manager is through email. If they extend the fact that they want to keep in touch, ask for their email. Their sincerity on what they said shows when they give you their email address.

But take note: do not abuse this privilege. Sending an email weekly to inquire about vacancy can be very annoying. Send an email once a month so that you will never project an annoying and desperate image. You can send casual emails inquiring about the position.

Aside from inquiry you should create an interesting email. Attach some information or provide a link that might be interesting. You can also use the latest news about the company to inquire if there new positions and you could be considered to those positions. By keeping them updated with your knowledge about the company and industry, you could be considered for the next available position.

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