Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is a practice by most, if not every company, in order to maintain output or productivity of their employees. Employees are rated based on what they have done or the stats in order to determine if they can still stay or be warned about performance. Even the behavior and dressing of the employees could be rated by their bosses.

For this reason, it is always important for the employee to expect evaluations and should have ways in dealing with the results. This situation is always gut wrenching can easily affect the employees future performance.

If your time is up for an evaluation, be prepared as there are so many things that can be said and happen during the evaluation.

A Good Sign: You Are Not Surprised

There are evaluations that could surprise or take you aback with what they have to say. For example, you could be working hard but one of their feedbacks is that you are not providing enough for the company and you are being placed on notice. This might be frustrating and a really bad sign.

On the other hand, you have to be honest on what you have done for the past few months. They could say you are not working enough because the reality is that you are not working at all. Before you enter the room where you will receive your performance evaluation, evaluate yourself and know what you have and have not done.

Asking Questions During Evaluation is Important

Never, in any way, accept their final evaluation if you do not understand their judgment. They should have an honest evaluation and reasoning why the have given you a bad evaluation. Dig deeper to know the exact reason since they should provide an honest evaluation and not just because they do not like you. This type of bias should never be allowed in the workplace and should be uncovered as much as possible.

Evaluation Begets Better Performance

There is only one reason why performance reviews are given out: to push their employees to do better. When your employer provided you a bad evaluation, this should not be taken as a personal assault. Even though it could be a personal assault from your boss, it should be taken still as a challenge since you are pushed for more. This can be disheartening but working harder is a lot better than proving your boss’ point of bad evaluation.

Taking Notes

This is a small but very neat trick that you can do during your evaluation. If you want to look good or be very professional during your evaluation, bring a small notebook or paper. This is not to intimidate your boss or the reviewer but it can be used to tell the evaluator that you are carefully taking note of everything. If you do not know the person who gives out the evaluation (or he is just vaguely familiar) ask for the exact name and write it down. This provides an idea that you are taking everything down and accepting it like a true professional.

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