Harnessing Social Networking at Work

Social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace and other types of websites have grown significantly for years. Social networking websites could be based on nationality, location or even just a hobby. Any hobby that you are interested in will have a corresponding social network that can help you.

You can learn a thing or two through these websites and of course gain friends. You might even end up as a mini-online celebrity in one of the social websites because of your enthusiasm to be part of a particular social networking website.

But there is a dark side to social networking. Office productivity has been on the decline for years and the internet access is the one to be blamed. Usually, office workers will be online for two to three hours a day and their activities online are never related to work. Because of the speed of online development, companies are at a loss. More than half of the companies in US do not have rules and restrictions regarding online access.

Use and Abuse

If you are an employee, never hesitate to access social networking websites if there are no rules that will restrict them. Social networking websites are a great way to connect not only to friends from different parts of the globe but also in the office. You can set up an account wherein everyone could be part of. It is one of the ways of improving camaraderie at work.

However, access to social networking websites should never be abused. As an employee you have to show responsibility by accessing only the social networking websites when there is nothing to do. As an employer you can control access to social networking websites by allowing them to access this type of websites at a designated time of the day – 30 minutes before leaving work will be more than enough and would be a great way to end the day for your employees.

Be Professional

Since you are already a professional, your online profile should also have the same impression. Remove anything (pictures, blogs and even small comments) so that you will not be in trouble with the company you work with. Remember that your are a professional and you are representing the company. Anything that you do and did will not only be used against you but also with the company you work with. That is why employers are now checking online if there is any incriminating information about you.

Being professional nowadays is not just based on what you wear and what you do in the office. Professionalism should also be observed even when online. Social networking websites is a great way of meeting friends and connecting to people, this could even be used in business purposes as it could create a more personal connection with the clients. Instead of running away from social networking websites, it should be harnessed for the company’s advantage.

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