How to Improve Your Work Visibility

Doing your responsibility at work without any problems is a good thing. In fact, an employee who does what is asked will be rewarded not only financially but also in career advancement. Because of the efficiency at work, promotion is always a possibility.

However, doing what is asked of you will only get you promoted after a long time. Because of the number of employees you are working with, getting noticed will take time since everyone is doing the same. If you want to be promoted, you need to be visible to your employer or supervisor. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a fresh graduate – as long as you make yourself visible, the chances of being promoted will also improve.

Being Bold with Ideas

Recession is slowly crippling different industry. The traditional technique on surviving the harsh economy is no longer useful. Instead of working hard for the company that might not survive, it would be better to think of ways to save the company. Pitch your useful ideas to your manager or even to the owner. Make sure that your ideas are feasible and could be applied fast.

But don’t expect that your ideas will be welcomed with open arms. However, the mere fact that you have pitched your ideas to important persons means you care about the company.

Updated Skills Required

Your ideas may get you places but their applicability is never guaranteed since they could be rejected. If you think you can’t get yourself to become visible through ideas, improve or add more skills to your resume. Seek training opportunities the company offers. You can easily improve your skills with little to no money required.

On the other hand, there are training opportunities that you can find in your local area. Of course, they might not be free but the skills that should be learned are virtually unlimited.

Here’s a tip on what skill that you need to learn: as much as possible, seek a technical skill relative to your industry. For example, if you’re company is on advertising, a good skill that could complement the industry is on computer aided design. It will take time and practice before you could become an expert on the said skill, but your skill will help you become visible since you can do more.

Inside Networking

Connecting to the right people is also a key to become visible. Getting hired does not necessarily translate that your boss will consider you to become a supervisor after sometime. You need to connect to your boss from time to time. Seek a middle ground where you can be at ease with your boss and vice versa. Sometimes, connecting to the important persons in the company only requires an introduction. Everything will fall into place if you network well within the company.

Get yourself visible. A career can’t be easily established when you’re doing what is asked of you only. Think out of the box so that you can help the company improve significantly, gain more skills and network so you’ll be noticeable which could translate into a promising career.

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