Job Orientation

Job orientation is an essential activity that every new hire should go through. It doesn’t matter if you’re just working for a part-time or a full time job; you need to go through job orientation or else face bad remarks from your boss and/or employer.

But more than fearing the worst from your manager, there are things that you should learn from your job orientation. The knowledge you’ll gain during job orientation can help you excel in your job. You might start-out as an entry level employee but job orientation can give you a clue to excel.

Company Objectives and Philosophy

Every business has an objective and philosophy it values. These principles are followed by heart by managers and even the business owner since this was used to excel in the industry.

But aside from simple objective and principles that have helped the company survive, these principles are clues on what they really value. These values are often the characteristics that every employee should show. These should be the characteristics you should show to your managers and bosses if you want to be noticed and eventually promoted.

Responsibilities of Everyone at Work

One of the best information you can gain from job orientation is everyone’s responsibilities. More often than not, every job description and responsibilities will be laid out during job orientation. This will help new employees recognize the persons that will be part of the operations or those who will manage their responsibilities.

This part of the job orientation should never be treated as knowing what you should or should not do. The information you’ll gain from this part of job orientation is to know who can help you improve in the industry. Of course, you will not be prying on their actual job but you will know who can help in your job responsibilities.

Knowing Boundaries

There will always be company rules and restrictions and some of them are simply annoying. Of course, everyone wants to do things without any restrictions but the company will always be there to control quality and processes.

But aside from quality, rules and restrictions are all about boundaries. This may seem to be a bad thing but this is also for your protection. There are things that you can’t just do in the company and at the same time, there are things that your company can’t do to you.

Asking Questions

One of the reasons why companies conduct orientation is to know the new employees thoughts about the company before and after they were hired. This is important since they have to know if there’s any chance to survive in today’s economy.

But aside from knowing what you think, it’s also a chance to clear some things with the company. Never hesitate to ask a question during job orientation. Since you are not really working yet, you can clarify as many things as you can so that you can perform better at work.

Your job orientation is not just some information dissemination program by your company. They are used to give you idea on how to excel in the company and know more about your job responsibility.

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