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A lot of employees today have realized the advantages of networking. Although they are still at work, being part of the network or increasing your network of contacts is still a preferred practice so that you’ll have a fallback.

You could be out of job one day but you can easily find a job as you can get in touch with your contacts so that you could be considered for their company or would receive tips on job openings. Your network will help you land a job not just because they could give you one but because they could help you land a job with recommendations.

But you cannot just collect names, phone numbers and emails – you need to have a technique so that your contacts will help you land a job. It’s a very bad idea to have the name and number and get in touch with them one day just because you need a job. They could remember you but only barely.

You need to do more than just self introduction and asking them for their phone number. You should have techniques on how to properly introduce yourself and have a lasting impression.

There are a lot of people who often look for contacts online. They look for websites which helps them get in touch with more people in the same industry. You become part of a popular online group which you think could help you in your career.

If you do get fired and try to get in touch with them, your correspondence will still be based on email. Personal interaction will not be there and you can’t easily convince the hiring manager of your character by merely showing them an email.

Having online contacts is great but if you want to have a good contact, the traditional self introduction still works. You do not even have to be part of the networking group which will require you to pay monthly membership fee.

All you got to do to get a good contact is to ask anyone you know to introduce you to a contact you would like to have. It’s very direct and simple. You will be introduced by a mutual friend which is already a great start.

Being part of a networking group is too formal and your prospective contact will feel like you are paying them to like you and recommend you. But if you are introduced through a mutual friend, you can immediately start a friendly conversation.

When talking to your prospective contact, properly introduce yourself and let them know your purpose of talking to them. You could be direct in telling them that you might need their help in case you are going to look for a job. Don’t be afraid in saying that. Just be sincere and they will understand. If they are in the upper management of a company, they already have encountered a lot of people like you but they just pretend to be friendly.

In your end, be friendly but with a purpose. They will acknowledge that and through your mutual friend, you could tell more about yourself and also learn from your prospective contact. A single meeting is all you need to have a lasting impression for a good career support someday.

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