Trudging Through “Nowhere Road”

The economy is on the road to recovery. While the country and the rest of the world are trying to get back on track economically, some sacrifices have to be made. Unfortunately, part of the sacrifice involves millions of workers worldwide.

Thousands are laid off everyday and fewer companies are willing to open their doors for new employees. As a result, many people are still out of work. The unemployment rate is even set to reach double digits if the trend of rising unemployment continues.

This fact is very devastating for anyone who tries to establish a continuing career until they reach the retirement age. Getting laid off from work because of the economy is not just a "pause" in one’s career but a "reset". This means almost everyone who was terminated during recession should start over if they want to succeed in their chosen career. Insisting to start from where the career left off is not possible because those positions were already filled during recession. This fact is a little bit challenging but it must be accepted so that success in career can be started as soon as possible.

But the period where the economy starts to pick up and demand for manpower being on the rise is still months away. That means work is scarce and finding a good source of income is difficult. Good thing the government is extending unemployment assistance to 79 months from termination. But it is still better to have a job as personal spending can be increased.

Strategy and Technique as Tools in "Nowhere Road"

Two possibilities can be raised when extensive job search do not yield any expected results: the problems with economy and strategy during job search. Knowing the state of the economy, it is very easy to blame everything on the country’s current status.

But what if the trouble is in the job search as well? This question is very difficult to answer since it presupposes that something is wrong in your job search technique. It might also be possible that you are barking at the wrong tree since you have tried to land a job in a wrong industry.

Whatever the reason is, realizing that something is wrong with your technique or strategy should help you do something to improve your job search. Doing what you can for the economy will not yield immediate result but if you do something for your success can have the expected or even better yield.

Realizing that the job search technique or the preferred industry is very pivotal during the job search process. This will lead to a complete revamp on the essentials in looking for a job. Resume, cover letter and online information might be changed or edited to improve the chances of employment. Others are also trying to look for a long term solution. Instead of trying to land a job right now, some opted to go on training based on the skills on demand in order to gain employment in a different industry. This option can take months to complete but an additional skill only means an improved chance of employment in various industries.

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