Salary Talk Blunders

Talking about salary is very tricky. Asking your boss for a raise could only result to two things – an approval or a scorn since you are asking something that you are not worthy of. Before you step into the office of your boss, remember these blunders and formulate a way to counter these:

1. Blunder through fear – Before you enter the room and ask your boss for a raise, get that fear out of your system. Entering the room in fear will only show uncertainty. Be confident and know what you have to stay and stick to that plan. Any deviation will cost you your strategy and you’ll never have what you are asking for.

2. No preparation – If you want a raise, present the evidence. You can easily talk to your boss or HR regarding a raise in salary and you can say anything that you want. All of this talk would be for nothing if you have nothing to show them in paper. Careful research in comparing your salary to other employees in a different company should be done as this could be great evidence that you need a raise.

3. Using threat – Never use this technique to get a raise in your salary. Thinking that you are the best in the position will not only cost you your job but also a bad review from your boss. Instead of using threat, show your boss what you have done with the company. If you know you have been very productive, use that fact to gain raise.

4. Pleading – In logic, this type of argument is called a fallacy “ad misericordiam”. Instead of showing your boss or the HR what you have done, you are pleading for a raise because your family needs it since the salary that you have right now is not enough.

5. Too many promises – Telling your boss that you are going to the ends of the earth just make sure the company will be successful is never a good idea. False promises will never you get you anywhere. Be as concrete as possible in showing your boss that you can provide more if your salary and position will be raised.

6. Not asking – Do not just sulk there and complain that your salary was not raised. Those who are asking for a salary raise are only the ones who can get them. This is even true when you are seeking a promotion. You are showing that you know what you are worth and you are there to get it. This take charge attitude is not bad at all as long as you have the numbers to back it up. That means you go there and ask for a raise with exceeding productivity to show what you can do.

A raise in your salary is not really that bad as long as you prepare with the facts. Before you enter that room, be sure that you are very productive and valuable enough for the company that your raise will be given to you in no time.

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