Advertising Job Requirements

It is a consumer’s world, and where there are products and amenities, there has to be advertising. Unless people are told about it, they are not going to know about it. Advertising has spread its tentacles into many arenas and aspects of the business industry, and has taken various forms and medium. There are several kinds of opportunities, and this includes IT job roles and career options within the world of advertising.

Each of these jobs has their own challenges, and demands a different kind of expertise. Many courses have been designed to obtain the specialized skills required for these various job roles and meet the growing demands of this industry. IT plays a large role in every kind of business. The computer plays a role in almost in everything we do in our day to day lives.

Advertising Job Overview


Advertising and media offer many job roles. However, on this page the main career options that have been covered are relate to Information technology. It plays a very important role in designing creative media and broadcasts. It has a big hand in job roles like client servicing, media, planning and research, Graphic design, animation, copy writing, internal communications, broadcasting and art direction. All these job roles need to be done using the internet and computers.

People can fit themselves in any of the above mentioned roles based on their expertise. They can also choose to do some IT related courses which cover the above job responsibilities and teach the skills required to perform these functions in the advertising industry. Each of these mentioned roles require a certain level of aptitude in a person over and above the technical qualification required. Overall, any of these jobs need creativity as a quality and it is very important for getting into advertising and media.

Advertising Jobs Education


The education required depends largely on the kind of role the person wants to take up in the advertising world. For example, if the person wants to be in copy writing or content development, then the primary requirement would be to have a degree related to writing.

This could be masters in literature and writing or even a bachelor’s degree to start the career. The primary requirement is to have computer knowledge. If the person is interested in mass media and designing advertisements, then a course in mass communications along with a multimedia design qualification will do.

Most of the computer courses last from three months to one year depending on the topics that are being covered. At the end of the day, all the job roles that are being executed, whether it is designing, writing and advertising are done using computers only. So the better you are at honing your skills in using computers, the more beneficial it will be.

Advertising Job Skills


The required skills for any of the above mentioned job responsibilities would be verbal and knowledge based skills. Each of the jobs has its own individual needs. Like writing, these job roles would need excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as creativity, which are very important for the job, along with the ability to create documents using computer tools. The candidate should also be able to use MS office with ease and work as a team player.

Personal skills are also very important for executing any role in any industry. A dynamic personality helps a person to get ahead in life irrespective of the job role. If a person is taking up a design career in the advertising industry, then he or she should be very good at using the multimedia tools. The person should also be good at researching and developing ideas and then creating them.

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