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Advertising is all about visual appeal, at least in print media and the internet. These days internet advertising has become widely popular, and a company without a web presence almost does not exist. In order to have a web presence, the company needs to have a web site and the web site is designed by web designers in coalition with database experts and software programmers. The initial web page has to be as attractive as possible and also user friendly. 


All these depend on the web designer and how he or she designs the site. Advertising will not design web pages as a primary business, but as a part of their packages, and offers web designing. Many start up companies sign up for package deals in which web promotion will also be included. Other than that, the web designer is also required to maintain the company’s own website and make frequent changes to it.

Being a web designer has a lot of promising work in the current day advertising industry scenario. A web designer can work as a freelancer, part timer or a permanent employee. The person should be creative and also technically knowledgeable of all the current trends in the industry.

Web Designer Education


A web designer should definitely have the technical qualifications and the education does not matter. In main stream education the person can be a graduate in any respect. The technical qualifications expected are all the current computer industry languages required for web page designing, like a knowledge of Macromedia flash, XML, serve lets, Enhanced java beans, multimedia tools, Adobe tools like Photoshop, Graphic tools and so on.

There are several new languages and there are many coming up almost everyday. The person who has chosen this career path should be abreast with the industry norms and the new technologies to stay employed. They should keep updating their knowledge because it is a very dynamic industry. Being a web designer has many applications in various industries and a career change is very easy for such people.

If they feel they do not fit into the advertising industry, they can easily jump to some other industry because almost everyone needs a web designer today. Sometimes even engineers start out as a web designer in a machine company and eventually take up a job role that fits more for them.

Web Designer Education Qualifications


  • Any graduate
  • Web design software knowledge (Adobe Photoshop, macromedia flash, multimedia tools)
  • Programming Skills (optional)


Web Designer Skills


A web designer should be very creative to fit into the advertising industry. He or she should be able to work in a team and be progressive. The more the person is creative, the more they can earn. Advertising industry pays very well and also gives a lot of perks. In the end the web designer is responsible for creating the front end for the company on the internet. 

So applicant should be responsible enough to create the right page for the clients needs. The candidate should be able to mix creativity with client’s expectations and deliver the right product 100% of the time. For beginners the advertising industry is probably one of the best places to start, because the opportunities are tremendous and the work exposure is also high.


Web Designer Salary


The designer will be able to do varied jobs of designing. A good web designer could be paid up to $3500 per month. Bigger advertising companies pay up to $5500 a month. Web designers can also work as part timers or freelancers for extra income.

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