Planning and Research Careers

Once an organization is established and all functions are defined, the organization needs to grow. Every organization grows when customers increase, however, they cannot be offering the same services and they need to either offer something better, more innovative and creative or at least stay abreast with the competitors in order to be in the business bandwagon.


This is possible only through research and future planning. Every company has to have people who are researching relevant industry techniques and are making plans for future investment. This is a big stepping stone for every company’s future. Research executives exist in all spheres and industries, including advertising.

The advertising industry may have media research executives, news research executives and general research executives. The advertising media offers a lot of promising, interesting and creative careers for many. Research and planning can be very interesting and challenging for people who have the aptitude for it.

It is a very responsible job and a person choosing this career should be sharp and should be able to relate to information. This person should also be able to apply the information in a productive way. This is an overall view of the job, and the deeper you go, the more responsibilities there are.

Planning and Research Jobs Education


A Bachelors degree in commerce or mathematics with a foundation of mathematics in the 11th and 12th year of education is required for this job. The desired person should have excellent analytical and application skills. Mathematics is essential because a person performing this job role is required to draw statistical data from the research and present it. They should be able to design projects and the methodology to achieve them.

A post graduate degree or a diploma in Mass communications is very useful to grow further in this job role. Mass communication equips the candidate with the necessary knowledge of advertising and media so that they can jump start their career in this field. Advertising and media functionalities are very different compared to any other job roles. A good amount of industry knowledge is very important to succeed in the job.

A Mass communications degree is useful for many other job roles in the advertising industry. The course teaches about the television and news paper media. It also describes the fun functionalities of both industries and provides technical knowledge of design. This, combined with a mathematical background, will help the person who wants to do research and planning for the advertising industry.

Planning and Research Job Skills


The required skills for the job role are excellent analytical ability, memory, deduction ability, mathematical skills, and ability to analyze statistical data and present it. All these are skills that are related to the job and are very essential for the growth of the person. Unless the researcher is able to apply the knowledge of research to make a productive plan, the whole purpose is lost.

Also, the person working as a researcher should have excellent relational ability in order to research the relevant data. While researching data may sound very simple, a person should know what data is useful and what is not. For this, the person in this job should have good industry knowledge and also understand the client’s needs. The person having all these skills can work as a research Project Director, research manager or a research executive. The salary can range from $30,000 to $55,000.

Planning and Research Job Qualification


  • Expert in Statistical applications
  • Good knowledge of mathematics and modeling 
  • Capable of designing projects and methods 
  • Should be able to supervise projects for accuracy and find developmental; procedures. 
  • Should be able to develop data specific to the clients needs 
  • Should have excellent relational ability 
  • Should be good with logic and deduction.

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