Internal Communications Manager Career

Communications is the key to the success of any business. Communication can be of any nature like business to business or within an organization, but the important thing is to have open communication, and a person managing the whole process of communication. This job role is not specific to the advertising industry and exists in almost all cross platform industries.


Wherever there is a need to establish communication channels, it is very important to have a manager look after it for its smooth functioning. This job vacancy typically exists in large business houses where you need a department to prioritize the tasks of various departments, set a communication channel for employees; the nature of the job is all about maintaining relationships with the entire organization and solving their problems by being the mediator.

It is a very responsible job and at the same time high profile in nature. Large business houses do not have the time to look into every problem or needs of their employees, and instead assign a person who can see to it. Sometimes many things do not even come to the notice of the main management team, so having a communications manager would help the management team as they can get a summarized report on the organization whenever they want.

Internal Communications Manager Education


A communications manager should have marketing and finance knowledge. The ideal candidate for this role would be an MBA in finance or Marketing. One of these fields is a must because this person will also need to set budgets and control them eventually as a job role. Finance knowledge is must to be able to do this, even though you need not be a finance expert.

IT knowledge is also a must. Other than the industry knowledge, the desired person must have done some IT related courses. This is a leadership role and hence some organizations may ask for accreditations like six sigma or other best practices of the industry. One should be very knowledgeable to apply for this position in an organization. A person may also eventually grow into the job role while working in the same organization. But to be able to grow into such job roles, they also should have the desired experience.

Internal Communications Manager Educational Qualification


  • MBA (marketing or Finance)
  • IT/Computer knowledge
  • Accreditations like Six sigma


Internal Communications Manager Skills

  1. The desired candidate should have excellent communication skills, which are of prime importance to performing the job role, as it involves a lot of functionalities that involve facilitating and interacting with the entire organization. 
  2. The candidate should be able to develop programs and implement them for the benefit of the organization. 
  3. He or she should be able to multi task several job roles at the same time. Should obviously have strong leadership skills and exhibit them.
  4. The person applying for this job role should have had prior experience in IT communications, and also accreditation of the same.
  5. IF the person has had some marketing experience, then it would be beneficial.
  6. Even an editor and similar people would be ideal for the job, as many job responsibilities are similar.
  7. The person should also be able to set budgets and implement them. 


Internal Communications Manager Salary


This job needs a lot of expertise on the candidate’s part to be able to execute it. Since it is a high profile job, the salary is very much based on previous experience, previous earnings, and individual negotiations. While there are no set industry standards, this job can earn as much as $52,000 per year.

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