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Job Overview

The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The world market for automobiles has increased after the recent IT boom in several countries globally. Many countries now have the economic power to buy better cars and other automobiles. There has been an increase in the demand for various types of vehicles world wide.

This demand has opened up many options for engineers and software experts all over the world. Software and Information technology plays a very important role in almost every industry and every walk of life. A person without computer knowledge in one way or the other is almost handicapped while seeking a job. There is no profession in the world which does not aid the use of computers, and it is all the more essential for one to be equipped with at least a basic knowledge of them.

Automobile jobs apply to motor sports and manufacture. Most of the designing and research for automobiles is done using IT, and even large scale networking is done through IT based expertise. Invariably, the Automobile industry is dependant on the IT industry by and large for its functionality. People, who are seeking a career in the auto industry, whether they are an engineer or an accountant, should consider doing an appropriate computer course to get better career prospects in the industry.


There are many kinds of jobs in the automobile industry, and examples of this include project managers, lead designers, auto parts designer, and so on. While many of the start up jobs like designing auto parts require computer design software knowledge, many automobile companies prefer candidates from a science or mechanical science back ground. The preferred education in the automobile industry is a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in mechanical or automobile engineering.

College education for these courses is extensive, and the syllabus can be hard and trying. However, once they pass out and acquire a graduation from any of the universities, golden prospects await them. The project that a person chooses after graduation also plays a very important role in his career.

The candidate should have excellent grades throughout their college education, and their projects should also show good reports. However, all this is required for a good profile job that has management prospects. Other jobs like Auto CAD designing may not require so many certifications other than computer knowledge coupled with the industry knowledge.


  • Bachelor of Sciences
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Automobile/Mechanical
  • Auto CAD design, CATIA
  • Computer Software and Networking knowledge


There are many jobs in the automobile industry which need a varied set of skills for each job role. The various roles include designing auto parts and components, testing the components or automobiles, along with developing the technology, research, or specialized skills like aerodynamics, fuels or chassis and other branches of the automobile industry. Each of these departments needs a certain set of skills and expertise.

On the whole, every person in the automobile industry should have excellent industry knowledge which is current, and should also know about the state of the art techniques. This is very important for growth in this industry. They should also be good with communication skills in order to have vertical growth in the organization. To sustain their job, they should update themselves with all the current technologies available in the market.

The automobile industry has hundreds of companies in competition with each other; however, there are some niche departments which pay very high salaries for experts in the industry.

Expected Salary:

Beginner: $2000- $4000
Mid Level: $3000- $5500
Expert: $5000- $10000

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