Computer Operator / Administrator

Every automotive company has sales departments, marketing department, accounts department and inventory/logistics department. All these departments need a computer operator to maintain records and also maintain inventories of the material.

The computer operator basically inputs data and maintains them date wise.  He provides information to anyone in the organization for particulars recorded on a certain date. The job is similar to that of a receptionist or a personal secretary, but only here the operator handles the details of the entire department. Sometimes even billing is included as the data operator’s responsibility.

A computer operator needs to have good communication skills as the job involves a lot of interaction. This is more of an entry level job, and is best suited for women or housewives looking for a low profile job in an organization. The challenges in this job are maintenance of large amounts of data.

The job profile is more of a routine and standard job without much variations or travel. People can take up such jobs for the summer, but big companies and business houses will look for a steady person in such job roles, and do not offer them to fresh graduates.


This is a very low profile job, and does not require the person to have high qualifications. A basic degree in arts or commerce along with a basic computer course which includes Microsoft office is good enough.

Ideal candidates need to be really good at handling records and should have an exceptionally good command over Microsoft Excel. A basic idea of accounts is also preferred in such job roles, and a commerce graduate would be more suited for this job role.

People who are looking for jobs at the start up level just to gain experience or have a sustainable income can opt for such job roles. This is especially true for young graduates who have plans to study further. Even though the job is of low pressure, and is not very demanding, it is still a moderately well paying job. These kinds of jobs help students fund their college education, without requiring them to deal with lot of job pressure.

This way the students can also concentrate more on their academics and less on their jobs. Large organizations will look for people who have experience in this kind of job, and they also assign more responsibilities for people in this job profile.

Education required

Bachelor of commerce Or Bachelor of Arts
Microsoft Office knowledge
Windows Operating System Knowledge


Some companies ask for a minimum of two years experience for a computer operator before employing them. This typically happens with large organizations however, and smaller companies do not mind fresh graduates in this job role. The basic qualities expected from a computer operator are adherence to the job, punctuality, and regularity.

A person cannot be irregular in this kind of job role because a lot of people are dependent on the information that this person maintains to perform their job. The person should be able to perform routine work, and should also be able to sort data with relevance.

Industry knowledge may not be a must, but having it is beneficial for the person because they can relate to the data. Computer skills should be good because this person sometimes will have to undertake secretarial jobs.

The preferred candidate should have exceptionally good knowledge of Microsoft word and Excel. Sometimes the person is also expected to make presentations so the working knowledge with Microsoft office should be very good. Many companies also ask for a certification in MS office before they employ them.

Expected Salary

Beginners: $1500-$2000
Mid Level: $2200-$3000
Experts $3000-$3500

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