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MIS stands for Management Information Systems. Every industry needs an MIS manager to safeguard the future of the company. Managing information systems is one of the key roles of the company management. Several growth options are available within this domain.

Nobody can plan to start a career as an MIS professional, only through experience one can become an MIS professional. There are no entry-level positions in this job role. The job roles of MIS vary from one company to another.

Candidates need to have a varied range of knowledge within the IT industry and expertise on hardware as well as software. The IT systems will need excellent knowledge of networking in ERP and SAP.

However, it is not as difficult as it sounds either. Through experience one can grasp a lot of knowledge related to the industry, and eventually gain expertise on essential skills.


For the role of an MIS professional, candidates need to have a technical background. An ideal candidate should be a graduate or bachelor of engineering with a specialization in mechanical or electronics. A Bachelor of computers and bachelor of sciences are also valuable. The most important form of education that is taken into consideration is the knowledge of information technology, the courses as well as projects the candidate has undertaken.

Courses like SAP and ERP other than basic primers like networking and CAD courses are some of the essential requirements. An information manager is basically viewed as the nucleus of all information, and the competent person is expected to know everything related to IT that is going on in the company.

Only extremely knowledgeable person is taken for MIS job role. Normally companies ask for at least 4 to 5 years of experience in networking and handling SAP or ERP related projects in companies before they are assigned an MIS role in the organization. For management position, one should have at least 8 years of relevant working experience.

Education required:

BE in Mechanical/electrical/ electronics
BSC in computer science and
Knowledge management systems
Management Information
Website management and development


A role of MIS manager is a very responsible job and only a well qualified person is given this role. Mid level managers get paid moderately and for senior positions the pay is higher.

The job involves handling all the alliances of the company which includes suppliers and vendors. They have to oversee management systems and make sure that all the systems are functioning optimally. The candidate should also design key points that bring and add value to the company.

The information manager is also responsible for over seeing the functionalities of the network and is assigned a team of networking engineers.

IT manager will have to ensure that the information systems in the intranet and extranet are secure and to an extent they have to deal with data security as well. They should design and implement systems that the whole organization can use and depend on.

Information system managers will oversee overall performance and makes sure any information requested by different departments is made available on demand.

Expected Salary

Beginners: Not Available
Mid Level: $6500-$8000
Experts: $7000-$10,000

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