Quality Systems Audit Manager

Every company sets its own standards to maintain the quality of the products and the quality of service. Quality and Audit system means maintaining the quality standards of the company and also develop the relationship with vendors. It is the duty of the audit and quality departments to oversee the production and manufacturing department’s quality process.

The name and reputation of the company depends on the quality department. The quality manager basically audits the product that has been manufactured, looks for defects and gives feedback to the production department. Most of this work is done using computerized technology. The manager also needs to develop quality standards based on their own work experience and the defects they repeatedly come across.

Candidates applying for audit and quality roles should have additional accreditations like getting a green belt degree or black belt degree in quality. The Six Sigma measures for quality are widely accepted across several industries and also have been accepted globally for quality measures.

A good command on industry related ISO standards and experience in quality department of the automobiles are desirable requirements.


Even though this job role does not involve dealing with the machinery in the automobile industry directly, it requires the person to have a bachelor of engineering in mechanical because most of the job knowledge is based on this degree.

Unless a person understands the functioning of the automobile machinery, and how it functions, it can get very difficult to perform quality related jobs in the industry.

Certifying a product that is fit to be sold is a huge responsibility, and in the automobile industry it is all the more sensitive. Machines used by automobiles can be extremely complicated and intricate to understand and certifying them is a very responsible job. Big companies seek 10 to 15 years of experience in the related industry to offer middle management positions.

Only experienced persons are ideal for this job role. After completing BE in mechanics, aspiring candidates should further certify in ISO standards and computer knowledge. The ISO and QS standards are much preferred courses to study.

Education Required

BE Mechanical or equivalent
MS Office
Reading of drawings
Sound knowledge of ISO and QS standards


An audit manager will have control over the production department and supply to the dealers. Only after the products have been certified they can be supplied. This is one major responsibility an audit manager has to handle. He also needs to have good communication skills.

The audit department will have a huge team, and each of the team members will perform various tasks of the department. Often one person is given the responsibility to certify an individual part of the machinery. The audit and quality manager needs to have thorough industry knowledge, and should have up to date knowledge of latest technologies. They should be able to bring innovative practices and use them for the benefits of the company.

Aspiring candidates must have leadership skills and qualities, and should be able to efficiently handle a team. The candidate should be able to work under extreme pressure and also travel extensively if required. The right candidate can expect to go all the way to the top position of the company.

Expected Salary

Beginner: Not Available
Midlevel: $5000- $6500
Expert: $6000-$11500

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