Content Professionals

Content Professional Job Overview


Content professionals refer to a group of writers who work to provide content for different websites. Every website needs content and these professionals provide the content in different forms such as blog, reviews, ‘how-to’ articles or formal informative articles. Content writers work for allied industries and can write just about anything.


There are generally two types of content professionals: those who work for a specific company and those who work as freelance professionals. A freelancer earns through projects assigned to him while an employed  professional earns a fixed pay.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages in this industry, for example, a freelancer may earn more because of the project but there is no job security. On the other hand professionals who work for a company can get exhausted with a project and still receive the same pay. However, they are assured of a monthly or biweekly salary – with or without work.

Every literate person can write but not everyone can write well. Content professionals have a way with the written word as they can easily educate and inform their readers online. For the online content to be readable, it should be free of errors such as spelling and grammar. Experience may not be required but expertise is definitely a must.

Content Professionals Education


The person who wants to become a content writer in a professional organization will require a degree in literature or communication. However, there are content writers who do not have this degree especially when they are writing for a specific industry. In this case, expertise and experience in the said industry is the main requirement for content professionals.

There are also short courses offered online for anyone who is interested in gaining knowledge on how to write in different subjects specifically for online content. This knowledge will give leverage  to those interested in content writing because of the training they had before they actually started writing. Short courses in content writing are often taken by industry professionals who want to work as content professionals in a specific field.

Content Professionals Qualification


  • Degree in Literature or Communication
  • Content Writing Course


Content Professional Skills


The content writer should have exceptional writing skills to be successful in this industry. In a professional organization, the writer should have good communication skill and should be a team player because professional companies will have a team of writers who often work on one subject or on same project.

Research skills are also required because most content writers have an expertise on a single subject and they may be required to take writing assignments that are not their expertise. The ability to look for information fast and learn from it as soon as possible is a must for content professionals who want to work in any industry they choose.

The ability to meet deadlines is also a must for content writers. The industry that content writers are dealing with is a fast paced environment and any delay will not only cause the delay of production but also a loss in revenue.


Organizational skills may be required for the content writer especially when dealing with different subjects or assignments. Companies that offer content writing services usually have a pool of writers that could tackle almost any subject and their employees are expected to write in a daily basis.

Without any organizational skills, projects that are more important maybe neglected which will also cost them precious time. In turn, companies may not be able to provide the expected articles on time. They will lose clients which can cost them their business.

Content Professional Expected Salary


  • Beginners: $1200
  • Mid Level: $1500
  • Experts: $2500 or more

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