Data Warehousing Experts

Data Warehousing Experts Job Overview

A data warehousing expert is a person who is an expert on database and in business environment. Database is very important for any business whose operations are based online. Beyond what is seen on websites, database provides the right information and possibly offer options when data is not available.


There are several positions related to working with databases: database administrators who take care of the data distributions, database security experts who make sure the data is safe, and the data warehousing experts, who stands as the middleman between proper business transaction as well as the flow in data.

Data warehousing experts could be easily differentiated with database administrators because of their extra skill in business processes. Database administrators are familiar with databases and its function.

However, designing the database to work according to the specifications and need of the business is the job of data warehousing experts. That means they have to coordinate the actual database applications to the need of the business.

Coordinating business flow with the database is a challenging task. A data warehousing expert will talk to the upper management or the person in charge of the operation and relay that need to the database administrator. While relaying that information, they are also actively working on the database to ensure proper execution of the business flow.

Data Warehousing Experts Education


A degree related to information technology may be a requirement for this job position. Because of the popularity and demand of this skill, colleges have now courses that are directed only for database administration and related skills – including data warehousing. The courses offered in these college degrees are related to database administration including the software related to the job position.

These courses give in depth knowledge of different types of database a professional is expected to handle. On the other hand, data warehousing experts are also required with an in-depth knowledge of business processes.

This is actually the hard part for most database experts since a degree related to database administration is easy but integrating them according to sound business sense is actually a challenge. Additional courses maybe required such as business management which should be integrated to database administration.

The challenge is to be highly familiar with business and database administration at the same time. Although this could be learned in computer and business schools, experience is required to have a proper grasp of this course.

Data Warehousing Experts Qualification


Information Technology Related Degree and/or Business Related Degree

Computer Skills: OLAP, ODS, Snowflake Schema, Star Schema, ETL, MDM, and Data Mart, Data Mining, DBMS, Data modeling, Business Intelligence/Data ware housing tools like Actuate, Hyperion, Business Objects, Cognos, IBM Datastage, MicroStrategy, Informatica, Ab Initio

Data Warehousing Experts Skills


Two sets of skills are required:

  • Database administration skills
  • Business administration skills.


As data warehousing experts, familiarity with popular database administration applications is required. They should be able to provide hands-on assistance to database administrators in designing the database for proper implementation. Because of their deep understanding of database administration applications, they can also relay the process of database to business owners or to the management.

Business administration skills are also necessary since it will have to work with business managers on designing the database. They will not go with the specifications for the database but instead create an abstract to show to the business managers how customers can and employees interact with data.

Essentially, the skill of negotiating business process with database administration is required. The data warehouse expert is practically a bridge for both parties to understand each other. They can easily translate the knowledge of database administrators and apply them to business processes and vice versa.


But developing these two skill sets requires time and experience. That is why most of data warehousing experts are not only proficient in database and business process but also has the experience wherein they have effectively developed their skills.


Data Warehousing Experts Salary Range

  •  Beginners: $3000
  • Mid level: $4500
  • Experts $5000


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