Database Administrators

Database Administrators Job Overview

Database administration is a very challenging task. Data is very important for any business especially those who work online as part of their operation. Properly managing the database is the work of database administrators.

Practically everything related to the data should be handled by the database administrators or DBA. The DBA ensures that everything surrounding the data is geared towards efficient and secured delivery of data.

That means database administrators should know how to control the applications that deals with the data, the hardware components (servers) and even the necessary steps in case data is lost through server crash or any unexpected events.

Also part of the database administrator’s job is to ensure that the computer network functions as expected. Interaction within the network usually deals with data hence, ensuring the interaction within the network is also part of the responsibilities of the DBA.

The database administrator should ensure that data transfer is done not only in a highly efficient manner but also in a secured way. Database administrators should be more than familiar with simple data security.

That means security within the network should also be a part of DBA responsibilities. As what we have previously indicated, everything that is related to data (security, applications and hardware) is the responsibility of the database administrator.

DBA might also be required to test the flow of data within the network. This will ensure that users will be at ease in interacting with the data from the applications set by DBA and the technical group.

Database Administrators Education Requirement

Because of the high demand for database administrators, a degree in database administration is now available in several educational institutions. This is a specialized degree since it only focuses on database administration.

There are also computer related degrees that integrates database administration. Those who are aspiring to be database administrators could take this degree in college but further study will be required.

There are companies who can hire graduates of database administration while there are also companies who prefer to hire someone who has a computer related degree with specialization in database administration.

But whatever degree a database administrator has, most companies today require experience in database administration.

This is understandable because every company has a different need for database administration and it is only through experience that the database administrator can actually prove that the skills from education are present.

Database Administrators Qualification

  • Information Technology Related Degree
  • Database administration degree that focus on Oracle DBMA, XML, Servelets and other database applications.

Database Administrators Skills

The database administrators’ main skills should be proficiency on some of the most popular database administration applications. The database administrator should be highly proficient in SQL Server, MySQL, Oracal DBA, IBM and Microsoft’s database applications.

Just being familiar with these applications is not acceptable since complicated interactions are expected especially for companies who work with a large volume of data. That is why experience is almost a necessity for companies since real world problems with database may have been discussed academically but was never focused on.

Familiarity with security applications related to database is also required for database administrators.

Data security should be the top priority for database administrators since it is through data security the company could actually survive against difference attacks internally and externally.

Also part of data security is the ability of database administrators to set up data restoration or disaster recovery.

Before data loss strikes, database administrator should set up precautions and action plans to prevent this type of situation and to act on it in case data loss happens.

Familiarity with business processes may not be required but it is an added skill sought after by companies.

Database Administrators Expected Salary:

  • Beginners: $4000
  • Mid Level: $5900
  • Experts: $9000

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