Database Management Experts

Database Management Experts Job Overview

The database management expert acts as the team leader for database administration. The necessary manpower, applications and data control will be decided by the database management expert.

Part of the role of the database management expert is to ensure that the right number of people with the proper set of skills is working to optimize database environment.

Aside from leadership responsibilities, database management expert will ensure that the proper processes are followed all the time. In case data loss happens, database management experts will lead the team of database administrators to recover data as soon as possible.

For businesses whose main operations is online, database management expert plays a big role in ensuring the use of data is optimized.

The database management experts may also be required to create an action plan for disaster recovery and data backup.

Small businesses may not see the need of database management experts. However, for companies who have a pool of database administrators, hiring a person for this position is a must since concentrating the efforts of database administrators is very important.

Database management experts should be able to harness the skills of the database administrators while effectively communicating the database development to the upper management.

Database Management Experts Education Requirements

A database management expert is first and foremost a database administrator. A college degree required for database administrators is a required to become a database management expert.

There are also database management experts that have a degree in mathematics. This degree will enable them to analyze complex situations especially in information management.

Education or relative experience in information management may also be a requirement. There are database management experts will be responsible in controlling data in a global scale.

There are even database management experts have conducted research and have made an extensive report on controlling data. Although this is not a requirement, it does create an impression to potential employers that the candidate knows more than just simple database administration.

What makes database management expert different from other database administrators is its ability to analyze network security as well efficient network connection. Network management could be done by any database administrator however; the database management expert has the ability to analyze network efficiency in a global scale.

That is why an added requirement for database management expert is Cisco Certification. This type of certification ensures that the database management expert has the ability to configure network communication not only in data but in voice as well.

Database Management Experts Qualification:

  • Degree in Computer or Mathematics
  • Cisco Certification, Training in Database Administration

Database Management Experts Skills

The database management expert should have an advanced knowledge of database related applications. The database management expert should have the ability to work with different database languages at the same time.

The ability to foster interoperability is an important skill for database management expert since this position will be working with different databases. Database management experts are usually working with different database administrators in satellite locations.

Database management experts should also be aware of security above anything else. Database management experts will have to assure security or else data will be left open to different types of attack and data loss would be possible.

Cisco Certification is required for most database management experts since they will be working with networks most of the time. Through Cisco Certification, the employers will be assured that data security.

Lastly, Database management experts should also have excellent managerial skills. This position will deal not only with a group of database administrators but also with a good team of support staff.

The ability to work with the team as well as great leadership skills is required for this position. This position is not an entry level position – experience is required to be a database management expert.

Database Management Experts Expected Salary:

  • Beginner: Not available
  • Mid Level: $8000 or less
  • Experts: $8500 or more

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