Public Speaking Skill

When applying for a job, you will usually be required to have basic computer skills, dedication in what you do, and a college degree or relative experience. But those skills are just for getting hired and have an entry level position. Those set of skills will never get you to places or will promote you.

You may be able to perform well and have a significant output, but good productivity will only get you into the second level which is usually a supervisor or a manager who will be taking care of a department with a small number of people.

But being productive, experienced and other skills could never get you into the highest position possible. There is one more skill that you have to master to ensure that will have a chance to improve your career significantly.

Public Speaking

Think of Michael Dell, Bill Gates, or even your company president. You will not see them in their desks all the time but they are out there, talking to people and inspiring them to do better. They may not be great public speakers, but they know what to say in public and what thoughts should be conveyed. They have confidence in what they say and would never feel pressure even if the world is watching their every movement.

Unfortunately, public speaking is one of the greatest fears of an average worker. This fear is even greater than death as public speaking will place them into prying eyes and they are not ready to handle the pressure. This fear is often the cause of career failures or career plateaus.

Upper management, CEOs, CFOs and the like positions will not only require them great managerial skills but they should also be great public speakers or at least will not fear in standing up in front of everyone and inform them what should be done.

Overcoming Fear

If you are aiming to improve in your career significantly, you need to overcome this fear and nothing could help you address this fear more than actually doing it. Your hands maybe sweating and your voice may be squeaking but all you need to do to address that fear is just to stand up in front of everybody and speak.

It does not have to be perfect and inspiring, all you need is just to stand up and speak. Oftentimes what you say may not really matter much to other people but what is important is to stand up there and talk.

When you know that you are about to speak to a large group of people, fear of public speaking will be easily addressed when you know what you have to say. That means you have to be prepared before you stand up and speak. Research on the topic so that you’ll have a good knowledge on what you have to say.

Getting rid of that fear of public speaking will mean you know how to face pressure and carefully go through it without any problem. Public speaking may not really be a requirement, but it is an indication that you are in for something bigger.

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