Quality Analyst

Quality Analyst Job Overview

The quality analyst (QA) is in charge of ensuring that the application is built according to the plan. The analyst is in charge of testing the applications to ensure that the application will work according to the expectation of users and businesses.

The errors in the application should be found by the analyst so that software developers could work on the errors until the application works without any difficulty.

Aside from testing if the application is actually working, the quality analyst should also ensure that stages in developing the application are followed.

There are different software development cycles to be followed and it is the job of the quality analyst to oversee if these stages are followed.

There is usually a checklist in every stage and the quality analyst compares this checklist to the achievements of the developers before moving on to the next stage.

The QA is also in charge of overseeing proper implementation of policy changes. This is often the most challenging for the QA since changes have to be slowly implemented and integrated without compromising the overall quality of the application being developed. These changes are also evaluated by QA if indeed these changes could improve quality.

It is also the QA’s job to evaluate the overall process of the development of the application. They can compare the process involved with other process so that the advantages and disadvantages will be identified for future references.

Quality Analyst Education Requirement

As testers of different applications, QA should have a degree related to software development particularly computer sciences.

Applications are developed using different application development languages and the QA should be proficient in popular software development languages.

QA should not only look for the problems in the applications but they should also offer solutions to ensure that application development is on time.

There are also companies who may hire QA not because of their education but in their training with specific development applications.

Their proficiency with a specific development language along with familiarity with other major languages make them a viable candidate as a QA.

Above all, experience is required for most QA positions. Although there are positions available as an entry level, most QA jobs requires experience in actual software development.

Since they know how to develop an application, they also have great experience on quality control in the application.

Through experience, different methodologies are encountered by software developer. This will lead them to be familiar with different methodologies and use them accordingly when they are assigned to be QA for software development.

Quality Analyst Qualification

  • Degree in Computer Sciences

Quality Analyst Skills

The most fundamental skill of every QA is familiarity with different standardized processes. Familiarity with ISO and other government standards is a must for most businesses.

By properly implementing these recognized standards, the use of this application will be recognized globally because it was developed according to quality requirements.

As we have previously indicated, familiarity with these quality standards could be acquired through experience with different companies.

Keen attention to detail is also a requirement for QA especially for application testers. Testing the application is not only running simple processes to test its ability but also in testing the application in the most strenuous environment.

By placing the application in a challenging environment, the developers would see how their applications would fare in difficult settings. This will also show errors and bugs of the applications easily.

Familiarity with software development plans is also a requirement for quality analysts. Usually referred to as SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), QA should be familiar with popular SDLCs so that they could properly implement the development stages of the application.

The QA should is also expected to be a team leader and also a team player. As the development of the application requires teams of developers, the QA should exhibit the qualities of the team leader to command change and foster faster implementation if needed.

Quality Analyst Expected Salary

  • Beginners: $3500
  • Mid Level: $5000
  • Expert: $8000 and above

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