Finding a New Job as a Senior

The days when almost everyone safely retired between 60 and 65 and went on to safely live off their pensions and social security are over. Over 60 percent of retirement-age employees are currently continuing to work full or part time, and 15 percent of the American workforce is currently over the age of 55.

To make matters worse, age discrimination is at an all-time high on the job market. Those in their 40s and 50s are having much more trouble finding a job these days than a decade or two ago, when it took them an average of six to eight months to land a new one.

While career assessment is commonly thought of as something that only young people deal with, this is not the case. Since many seniors are now starting new careers, career assessment is very important to them. No matter how old you are, its never too late to start a new career. Beginning a new career will allow you to earn money, and it can also provide you with more knowledge. Knowledge is power, and it has no age limits. To assess a career as a senior, there are a number of things you will need to do.

It should also be noted that these new trends have no doubt led to seniors becoming a huge chunk of those in search of jobs. The following are three organizations that can help seniors get a jump start on this:

Experience Works

Experience Works is a national, nonprofit organization started in 1965 by President Lyndon Johnson that helps Americans over 55, mostly low-income, by offering them job training, job placement, and work experience. More recently, Experience Works has fine-tuned itself and developed by creating programs designed to help seniors rejoin the workforce, change careers, or earn additional income. In the past ten years, Experience Works has gotten over 55,000 seniors new jobs.

One of the most effective programs involves public service, where unskilled seniors can gain valuable experience in nonprofit centers and public agencies, along with performing community service, before making the transition to the workforce. The organization also offers also sorts of job training. For instance, those interested in becoming familiar with computers can take computer-skill training classes. This is a very valuable program for seniors who wish to assess a new career, and it is something you may want to consider.

Senior Job Bank

Senior Job Banks mission is to spread the word that keeping older people in the workplace longer is beneficial for the American workforce and economy. It is a free job placement service that offers free referrals for seniors who wish to stay in the workplace a little longer. Job listings include occasional, part-time, temporary, and full-time work. Whatever needs to be done around the home or office, Senior Job Bank believes there is a senior nearby who has the skills and time to get the job done.

Through their easily accessible web site, homeowners and businesses deal directly with senior workers. Just like a dating service matches people with common traits, Senior Job Bank matches seniors with job openings that fit their qualifications and desires. Once hired, the senior worker is placed directly on the employer’s payroll.

Senior Environment Employment Program

The SEE Program was created to help both seniors looking for jobs and the EPA. Making room for a wide range of skills, the EPA administered the program in the 1980s to allow unemployed and retired Americans 55 or over to use their various skills and knowledge to help with environment-related tasks. Full and part-time positions include clerical (receptionist, administrative assistant, file clerk), technical (physical science technician, scientific researcher, grant specialist), and professional (accountant, scientist, engineer).

Examples of environmental tasks include surveying schools for asbestos and working as mediators for small businesses affected by EPA regulations. Right now jobs through the program pay $7-$12 per hour. If you’re over the age of 55, and you don’t have enough for retirement, or you are simply bored and wish to work, you should consider all the programs listed in this article. They are powerful tools that will allow you to successfully assess your new career, and you can find a job which is perfectly matched to your skills.

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