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Improvement in your career can happen in two ways: first you have to prove yourself worthy to be promoted and recognized. This can be done by years of hard work and consistency in productivity. While this is a slow movement towards career improvement, you’re assured of a great career. The second method is to aggressively develop your career by additional learning.

That is why many are now opting to look for after-work activities that can help them improve in their career. Through additional learning, you’ll be able to learn more about the industry and improve your credentials.

Many people are opting for additional education simply because they want to be at par with their supervisors. Through their knowledge, they can provide helpful opinion and expert advice on how the company will survive.

Fortunately, there are ways on how you can improve your career without even quitting your current work. These are the suggested after-work activities that can help in boosting your career:

Online education – one of the best ways to improve your career through education is to sign up for online learning programs. There are well known universities around the country that are currently offering various courses that can be learned at the comforts of your home.

In choosing the right online education, consider getting online learning from the nearest school. Many programs actually require their students to appear at least once or twice every semester. If you’re studying from another state, you might end up spending extra dollars just for transportation. Also consider getting the education that’s closest to your career. There’s no use of considering an education only to add something in your resume.

Participating in group activities – if you’re not looking for actual papers that tells of your education or new skill, try participating in various activities in non-government organizations. Volunteering is a good way to harness your skills in various tasks. Some volunteer activities actually do not provide additional skills training but there are still advantages from this type of work. 

Volunteering is the best way to meet individuals that can help you boost your career. Networking during volunteer activities is a lot better compared to online networking since you meet people and you’ll be able to learn more about their personality.

Relaxing at home after work – this tip might sound odd but if you’re planning to improve your career slowly but surely, you need to let your body rest after a hectic workday. Resting will allow you get rid of the stress so that you can easily concentrate on the next day no matter how much pressure you’ll feel at work.

This psychological effect of resting can easily help you become more productive. This technique in getting the promotion you need is very slow but as long as you do your job and continue to be persistent in your productivity, you’ll get the promotion you need. You just have to be patient in waiting for the opportunity to improve your career.

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