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The word "recession" is now a very common word. The first time everyone heard this economic phenomenon is coming was early 2008 wherein companies are showing signs of sales loss every quarter. At first, everyone was scared about its repercussions as it could cause massive unemployment which could even lead to great depression.

When recession arrived, everyone is having trouble in gaining employment or even getting ends meet on a daily basis. The sub-prime mortgage crises, the rising unemployment rate and even the government bail-out plans have affected individuals to the point that everything bad that has happened in their life is caused by recession.

A Cycling Economy

While everyone is blaming the poor state of economy, everyone seemed to have forgotten the history about this type of economic situation. One of the basic behaviors of recession is that it will end no matter what. Recession can be treated as a "reset" button of a developing country’s economy.

When spending is too much, there will be a backlash in consumption which could lead to recession. But with recession, everyone will start saving and eventually spend when they have saved enough money. This restarts the cycle after recession.

Thinking of Short Term Coping Technique

Because recession is cyclical, there is no need to panic. It’s true that there are limited jobs during recession but these jobs are actually based on well paying careers. Those terminated should look for short term solutions before getting back on career hunt. Finding a job today is just frustrating and can take time and effort without any results.

By looking for a short term solution, you can easily cope up with the challenges of recession. It could even give you enough time to prepare for the demand of skills when the job market increases.

Looking at the Big Picture

Seeking a short term solution for your recession related problem may not be a good idea especially if you don’t look at the events at the right perspective. As already indicated, recession is cyclical. Even though you’re having a bit of trouble finding a job that will lead to a career today, you can still concentrate on other temporary jobs.

If you’ll just concentrate on surviving rather than pushing yourself to a difficult job market, you’ll be able to breeze through recession.

Opportunity from Recession

Not everything that comes from recession is bad. In fact, there are opportunities that you can gain from the economic downturn. Among them is the learning opportunities that you can gain during this period. The government is providing assistance on education for those who wanted to be more competitive in the industry.

You can use your free time to learn instead of looking for a job. When recession is over, you can use the learning you have to easily land a job or even establish a business.

Recession can easily give you emotional and financial trouble. But if you look at the situation from the right perspective, you can easily adopt and land a job to cope with the current economy.

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