Battle Plan for Career Establishment

After you graduate in college, your eyes are already set on a career and vigorously adapt yourself to the reality of getting hired for the job.

But charging from one interview to another until someone will hire you in the industry you like is not a good way to start your career in your first year out of college. You need to have a battle plan for the first year out of college so that you can properly establish yourself in a career that you prefer.

Career “Abstract”

While you are enjoying your vacation before actually looking for a job, sit down and think of the way you should go. Of course, you already know what industry you want to work for but you need to be very specific on how you want to work for in the industry.

You need to know if you want to work overseas or locally, multi-national or start-ups and government or non-government. You are not really picking a company but you are just describing a company that you want to work for. This will give you a good idea where to apply and concentrate your efforts so that you can be hired as soon as possible.

Creating a Reputation

In your first year of out of college, the best thing you want to do while you are looking for job is to create a reputation. This could be baffling to you since the only way to create a name is to find a good job or starting a big business. But there is actually a way to create a name without doing these things by Blogging.

Note down everything you know about the industry and what you think about its movement. You can be as fiery as you can in blogging but just make sure you don’t literally slander people because blogging will just tarnish your reputation instead of improving your name. You can do this once or twice a week.

Volunteer and Internship

If you can’t find a good job after you graduate in college, it’s time to look for a job that won’t pay or volunteering. Volunteering will actually boost your chances of getting hired since your enthusiasm for work is already there. The logic goes this way: if you can work hard for free, you could be working harder if you get paid.

Another way to boost your chances of getting hired is through internship. This is actually better in the sense that you will be working for an actual company related to your degree. The only difference is that you will be working for a large corporation without a pay. This is a lot challenging compared to volunteering since you are gambling your career. If you don’t do well then your reputation will be tarnished. But just remember to work hard so that your reputation will improve.

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