Diplomatic Salary Negotiation

There could be instances when you find that the salary being offered for the job you are applying for is a little too low than what you expected, and it has reached the point that you may have to look elsewhere for another job opportunity. You could make this known to the prospective employer in a very diplomatic manner so that he may even reconsider his offer so you will be more amenable to accept it. The following suggestions are practical guides that you can use when you have to:

1. Let the interviewer know that although you are a bit disappointed with the offer, you are still very much interested in working for the company. If you are qualified for the position in question because of your education and previous work experience, they will likely rethink their position, especially if they have no other applicant for the job at hand.

2. Thank them for their time and interest in interviewing you. Make them aware that if there are other job openings in the future you will be interested in them.

3. Find out and check with them if there are, or might be, other job openings that they could suggest or other employers or persons you could contact. If you did right in the interview and have established rapport with the interviewer and others in the company’s office, you could probably get their assistance on your request.

4. There are a number of times the person they selected may end up turning the job down or the negotiation with that person does not work out well. As far as you are concerned keep the communication line with that company open, positive, and professional, aside from maintaining the friendship you have made with them when you were the one interviewed. These moves of yours will keep your name in their mind for the next opening or other future opportunities. It is even possible that they will talk with you again with a higher salary offer.

5. Ask if you could contact them every now and then to find out about future job openings. They would likely want you to do this, especially because you have the right qualifications which they may need anytime.

6. Even if you did not get the job now, stay positive, and congratulate yourself. You did get to the interview phase, which means the employer was interested in you and your educational qualifications. By using positive self-talk, you may not be so downhearted for not getting hired.

7. Learn from the experience, by asking for feedback from the interviewer on what you could improve or do differently. If your relationship with him is on the friendliest of terms he could appreciate you for this action of yours.

8. Your not being able to get the job should not be a reason to get discouraged and you should keep trying to look for other opportunities. Forge ahead in your searching for jobs, as there are many others waiting to be applied for. You were just unlucky that this one you just declined does not pay enough for your skills and for your needs.

9. Remembering the popular motto in the selling profession that salespersons tell themselves – that a negative answer is another step closer to "Yes” – could be a good rally point for you at this time. There is no need for you to distress.   Many opportunities ahead are still untapped and waiting for you.

The nine suggestions listed above are good tips to remember when dealing with an interview situation where you have to decline because you cannot compromise on the compensation being offered to you.

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