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A career office is probably one of the most obscure offices in any school. Few students know about this office and its function and to those who know the functions of this office often ignore it until they reach their senior year.

Since a career is only chosen after you graduate in college it is just fitting that you visit the career office before you graduate. They are more than willing to help you choose the right career or which industry that you could you excel.

But there is more to just simple career assessment tests from the career office. They can actually help you from the first day you step into college. You just have to know what services they offer to their students.

Selecting a Major

The career office could help you select a major based on your skills or interests. Although you already have declared your preferences before you enter college, you can visit the office if you have doubts on the degree you have chosen to select or you could go to the office to affirm your preferred degree. If you find yourself confused on what to select, they can help you clear the confusion and if you end up in a wrong degree, you can even ask their help to change your course and possibly avoid penalties.

Specifying a Career

As you continue studying in your preferred degree, you can visit the office and learn more about your degree. Career offices could help you know more about your degree in the sense that you will know your options in the industry and have in depth knowledge on other careers that might be related to your chosen degree. This is basically a series of self assessment against what the industry has to offer.

Beyond Traditional School

Most career offices will not only help you choose the right degree or career, they will also help you achieve them. Although you are already aiming to graduate and use that knowledge to excel in a specific career, there are industries that will require you more than basic schooling. You need to learn extra skills to excel in other industry. Because of this, career offices could help students improve their chances of getting hired right after college by providing additional training through workshops and seminars which will also be certified. This way, students will be able to learn more than what the school has taught them.

Hands On Experience

Aside from helping you choose the right career and degree, one of the best services that could be offered by career offices is to refer you to different companies in case you are interested in knowing more about the job.

 Informational interviews as well as internships could be handled by career offices. Informational interview is basically an informal interview wherein you talk the human resource or managers regarding the company and their specific role in the industry. By doing these tasks, you learn more about your future and also increase your chances of being hired for the said company because of familiarity.

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